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ZYGLO PENETRANTS MAGNAFLUX DYE PENETRANT aviall ability aviall.com 2246 ZL-5 fluorescent water additive for leak detection. ZL-5 is a dry powder fluorescent organic material used as an additive for the detection of leaks in pressure vessels, storage tanks, radiators and other liquid system containers. ZL-5 is water-soluble and produces fluorescence when using a black light (such as the Magnaflux ZB-100F fan cooled black light) at 365 nanometers. Part No. Description Size 01-3141-57 ZL-5 fluorescent water additive for leak detection 1 lb. container 01-3141-63 ZL-5 fluorescent water additive for leak detection 5 lb. container Zyglo Additive ZP-4B dry powder. ZP-4B is a free-flowing, white, fluffy powder used as a dry powder developer for Zyglo penetrants. ZP-4B is supplied ready to use. ZP-4B forms a thin film on parts which enables it to enhance indications of ultra-fine discontinuities. ZP-4B's high purity allows it to be used in applications demanding purity. Part No. Description Size 01-3328-05 ZP-4B dry powder 1 pint can 01-3328-69 ZP-4B dry powder 10 lb. container 01-3328-75 ZP-4B dry powder 20 lb. container Zyglo Developers ZP-5B water suspendible. ZP-5B is a white powder which is dispersed in water. ZP-5B disperses quickly to form an opaque white suspension. Must be continually agitated during use to ensure uniformity of mix, as developer will settle out on standing. ZP-5B forms a uniform white coating, which enhances fluorescent indications formed by Zyglo penetrants. At higher concentration, ZP-5B forms an opaque white coating, which provides contrasting background for Spotcheck indications. Part No. Description Size 01-3341-81 ZP-5B water suspendible 25 lb. container ZP-9F non-aqueous. ZP-9F is a ready-to-use suspension of white developing particles in a fast drying solvent. ZP-9F produces an opaque white coating, which provides an excellent contrasting background for Spotcheck or Zyglo penetrant indications. ZP-9F is specially formulated to be low in sulfur and halogens and contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons. Part No. Description Size 01-3354-77 ZP-9F non-aqueous 16 oz. aerosol can 01-3354-40 ZP-9F non-aqueous 5 gallon pail ZP-14A water soluble. ZP-14A is a white free-flowing powder, which dissolves in water to form a clear, colorless biodegradable developer solution. ZP-14A is used as a general purpose water-soluble developer for the enhancement of indications formed by Zyglo penetrants. ZP-14A produces a uniform white porous coating when it dries. The developer film is easily removed in post inspection cleaning by a water spray. Once the developer bath has been made up, no in-use agitation is required to maintain developer uniformity. Part No. Description Size 01-3381-75 ZP-14A water soluble 20 lb. container 01-3381-89 ZP-14A water soluble 50 lb. container

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