Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2253 Paint, Chemicals & Consumables

ADHESIVES & SEALANTS MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICALS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2253 T2066 TiteSeal (light weight). Seals threaded pipe joints, machined surfaces and flare nuts. Used on engine rear sections, sump gaskets, triple connector threads, channel plugs, air control valves, dump valve guides, water separator glasses, and for all metal-to-metal unions with any kind of gasket. Part No. Size T20-66-1LB 1 lb. can T2066 TiteSeal (medium weight). Seals with gasket or as a gasket. Used on pumps, tanks, pressed plates, covers, pans, fuel lines and rubber hose connections. An excellent packing filler, insulating material and belt dressing. Fine for pipe threads, imperfect or uneven surfaces. Part No. Size T25-66-1LB 1 lb. can T25-75-5LB 5 lb. can T5504 TiteSeal (brush-on). A non-hardening, liquid-type blend for rapid, easy application on all joints, flanges and fittings. Possesses same gasketing and sealing qualities as light and medium weight TiteSeal. Part No. Size TITESEAL55 4 oz. ODP-210 Leak-Teck hydraulic leak detection powder. ODP-210 is a hydrocarbon oil (hydraulic fluid) detecting powder in an aerosol dispenser. Forms an opaque white powder coating when sprayed onto welds, joints, fittings and other areas which may be susceptible to leakage. Can be removed easily by wiping with a damp cloth. Should be sprayed on a clean, dry surface. Non-flammable, but harmful or fatal if swallowed. Vapor is also harmful. Part No. Size 0DP210-100Z 10 oz. aerosol can 0DP210-120Z 12 oz. aerosol can Ultrachem assembly fluid #1. Designed to hold small parts in place during the assembly of engines, turbines, transmissions, pumps and other complex mechanical assemblies. Engineered tackiness holds parts in place during assembly. Part No. Size ASSEMBLY 4 oz. tube General Sealants polysulfide sealant tape. MEETS MIL-S-11030E, TYPE III. Oil and aromatic hydrocarbon- resistant sealant. Maintains bond even when submerged in solvent. Will not craze plastics. Bonds to itself. Black. Part No. Size 424-04-1 0.040" x 1" x 90' 424-1-32-5-8 1 /32" x 5 /8" x 90' 424 1 /16" x 1 1 /2" x 50' MDR 740 Liquid Electric Tape. Will help solve insulation and protection of electrical connections and terminals from moisture induced corrosion. Black, brush-on (applicator brush included),vinyl coating designed specifically to protect electrical connections from moisture, oil, grease and acids. Wheel wells and similar high moisture, problem areas are ideal candidates for application. Will not conduct electricity. Can be applied to battery terminals and brushed over electrical tape splices to prevent unraveling (caused by moisture). Sets up quickly (drys to touch in 5 minutes, additional build-up coats can then be applied, if desired). Forms a durable vinyl covering that also prevents vibrations (which can loosen electrical components). Part No. Size MDR740 4 oz. can

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