Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2257 Paint, Chemicals & Consumables

LUBRICANTS MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICALS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2257 WD-40 penetrant/lubricant. A low viscosity, non-gumming lubricant compatible with all petroleum products. Displaces moisture on any metal surface, preventing rust and corrosion of that surface. Used on console panel switches, hinge bearings, wheel housings, jet compressor blades, control pulleys and seam areas. As a penetrant, it will quickly relieve rust or heat-seized fasteners. Part No. Description Size WD40-110Z Penetrant/lubricant 11 oz. aerosol can WD40-5-50Z Penetrant/lubricant 5.5 oz. aerosol can WD40-1GL Penetrant/lubricant 1 gallons WD40-5GL Penetrant/lubricant 5 gallons WD40-55GL Penetrant/lubricant 55 gallons WD40APPL Applicator bottle Mouse Milk oil. Mouse Milk oil is called out by Continental, Lycoming, Beechcraft and Cessna for use in freeing turbine waste gate shafts. Part No. Size M0USEMILK80Z 8 oz. M0USEMILK320Z 32 oz. Lub-Tork. MEETS SAE-AMS-2518 (FORMERLY MIL-T-5544C). Thread compound - spark plug anti-seize. 50% graphite, 50% petrolatum. Part No. Size LUBT0RKPT 1 pint Never Seez nickel antiseize. MEETS BOEING BAC 5008, GARRETT ENGINE PCS5721, GE A50TF198 CL A, PRATT & WHITNEY PWA 36053-1 AND MIL-A-907. Nickel and graphite based anti-seize formulated to protect up to 2400 F against seizure and galling, galvanic and severe environmental corrosion. Part No. Size NSBT16N 1 lb. O-Lube. Lubricates without deterioration of synthetic rubber. Recommended for low pressure pneumatic and vacuum systems. Prevents dryness. Good for use on exposed cylinder rods, valve plungers, etc. Adheres well to surfaces, water resistant. Temperature range -20 F to 300 F. Part No. Size 0LUBE40Z 4 oz. EZ Turn lubricant. EZ Turn is a specialty lubricant/sealant used for fuel and oil line valves. It is especially effective where high octane fuels and aromatics are present. EZ Turn is also extremely effective as a gasket paste and anti-seize agent. EZ Turn is an anti-gum compound and will not crack or dry out. Temperature Range: 10 F to 400 F. Replaces Fuel Lube. Part No. Size EZTURN50Z 5 oz. EZTURN1LB 1 lb. PTFE release agent - dry lubricant. CLASS 2 ODC. NSN 9150-01-443-9003. Creates a superior release for plastics, elastomers and resins; including acrylics, urethanes, rubber, nylons, epoxies, polyc- arbonates, and polystyrene. Designed to give multiple releases between applications. Recommended for applications to 500 F (260 C). No discernible transfer. No migration. Non-flammable. Contains no silicones or CFC's. Available with a red dye indicator. As a dry lubricant, MS-122DF may be used on metal glass, ceramics, rubber, elastomers, wood, paper and some plastics. Part No. Size MS122DF160Z 16 oz. aerosol can

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