Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2258 Paint, Chemicals & Consumables

LUBRICANTS MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICALS aviall ability aviall.com 2258 Plastilube. Plastilube 3 and Plastilube Moly 3 are high-temperature greases comprised of super-refined mineral oils molecularly bonded to an inert bentonite-type base, and devoid of metallic soap or fatty acids. They are water-insoluble and will absorb 50% of its weight in water without breakdown or impairment of lubrication properties. Plastiliube Moly 3 has the added benefit of 3% molybdenum disulfide. Part No. Description Size 804136730 Plastilube Moly 3 14 oz. tube 804137330 Plastilube 3 14 oz. tube Lubriplate 130AA. General purpose type; special adhesive high film strength; melting point: 190 F. Exceedingly water resistant. Part No. Size 130AA140Z 14 oz. can 130AA6LB 6 lb. can Lubriplate 630AA. For multi-purpose grease-type lubrications; exceptional high film strength; melting point: 340 F. Part No. Size 630AA100Z 10 oz. 630AA140Z 14 oz. can 630AA6LB 6 lb. can Lubriplate 930AA. For high-temperature applications for plain and anti-friction bearings. Works well up to 375 F, or up to 400 F for short intervals. Part No. Size 930AA140Z 14 oz. can Krytox. MEETS MIL-G-27617 TYPE III. Synthetic fluorinated lubricants that perform where other conventional lubricants fail. Exhibits superior lubricity, high load carrying ability and extra wear protection in high temperature and chemically aggressive environments. Part No. Size KRYT0X240AC 2 oz. Krytox high temperature. Extra high temperature, fluorinated lubricant maintains lubricity up to 800 F. Part No. Size KRYT0XXHTBDX 2 oz. Lubri-Bond A. QUALIFIES TO MIL-L-23398B. Lubri-Bond A is an air drying, MoS2/graphite based solid film lubricant with an epoxy binder system. This coating provides an extremely low coefficient of friction, and performs best over a wide variety of loads. For increased resistance to corrosion and aviation chemicals, use Lubri-Bond 220. Part No. Size LUBRIB0NDA 1 gallon

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