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MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICALS MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICALS aviall ability aviall.com 2260 Sherlock leak detector fluid. MEETS MIL-PRF 25567E SPECIFICATIONS. Precision-made, neutral compounds for leak testing oxygen and air lines, cylinders, tanks, fuel lines, pneumatic controls and sealed components. Type I - For use from +35 F to +160 F Type II - For use from -65 F to +35 F Part No. Description Size SHERL0CKT140Z Sherlock leak detector fluid - Type I 4 oz. SHERL0CKTPI80Z Sherlock leak detector fluid - Type I 8 oz. SHERL0CKTPI1GL Sherlock leak detector fluid - Type I 1 gallon SHERL0CKTPII40Z Sherlock leak detector fluid - Type II 4 oz. SHERL0CKTPII1GL Sherlock leak detector fluid - Type II 1 gallon ChemPride AL-5 anti-icing/de-icing fluid. Produced to aircraft material specification DTD 406B Standards. Fluid for TKS ice-protection systems. An ethylene glycol based formula for application on all aircraft equipped with the TKS system. Part No. Size AL5-2-5KIT 5 gallon (two 2 1 /2 gallon bottles per case) AL5-5GL 5 gallons AL5-30GL 30 gallons AL5-55GL 55 gallons NOTE: See Aircraft De-icing Systems for de-icing and anti-icing chemicals that are applied while the aircraft is in the ground. ProtekAir humidity indicator. MEETS ALL SPECIFICATIONS OF MS27215-2. Newly designed 18 mm-1.5 mm pitch dehydrator plug is intended to protect aircraft engine cylinders and other similar equipment against corrosion due to moisture and through color change to indicate unsafe levels of humidity. Part No. Description Size MS27215-2 Dehydrator plug with desiccant 18 mm MILD3716 Desiccant for refills 6 lbs. 6248 Dehydrator plug with desiccant 14 mm MEK chemicals. Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) is a general thinner for cements, adhesives and finishes. Part No. Description Size MEKQT Methyl ethyl ketone 1 quart MEK1GL Methyl ethyl ketone 1 gallon MEK55GL Methyl ethyl ketone 55 gallons MEK5GL Methyl ethyl ketone 5 gallons Alcohol. Part No. Description Size ALC0H0LGL Isopropyl alcohol 1 1 gallon ALC0H0L3-5GL Isopropyl alcohol 5 gallons ALC0H0L55GL Isopropyl alcohol 55 gallons ALC0H0LD5GL Denatured alcohol 2 5 gallons ALC0H0LD55GL Denatured alcohol 55 gallons Note: Butyl alcohol, or butanol, is a type of alcohol derived from butane and is commonly used in products such as adhesives and varnishes. Ethylene glycol, also known as antifreeze, is the most harmful type of alcohol. It should never be consumed, as it is deadly. 1 Isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol, is a common household product. It is used as a disinfectant and as an ingredient in cologne and after-shave lotion. 2 Denatured alcohol is a mixture containing mostly ethyl alcohol, a small percentage of methyl alcohol and trace amounts of MEK and ethyl acetate. Revised June 1,2015

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