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AVIATION LUBRICANTS MISCELLANEOUS CHEMICALS aviall ability aviall.com 2266 dgf-123 dry graphite film lubricant. For pre-assembly and assembly lubrication. Dry graphite film lubricant recommended for protection against scuffing, scoring, seizing and heatrust or corrosion during storage. dgf-123 is a dispersion of micronically fine, pure colloidal synthetic graphite in Fluron , an exclusive compounded volatile carrier. Sprayed on clean, dry surface of metal, dgf-123 evaporates quickly, leaves a non-abrasive, friction-reducing, non-attracting surface film that resists heat to 3000 F (1649 C). Won't squeeze out due to tolerances like conventional wet materials. Reduces coefficient of friction. Also used as parting agent for most chemicals, plastics and glass. Because dgf-123 is electrical conductor, may be used as lubricant in electric assemblies and their components. Bearing surfaces sprayed with dgf retain thicker oil films to add protection during initial run-in period. Graphite particle size - 1 micron. Part No. Size K5200 9 oz. aerosol can Part No. Size J5300 9 oz. aerosol can wgf wet graphite film spray. For final assembly lubrication. Applied for protection against harmful metal-to-metal contact, wgf acts as supplement film for pressurized systems during critical running-in period. Spray on internal engine and machinery parts for easy assembly and protection against storage corrosion, seizure and misalignment. wgf is a combination of pure petroleum; micronically fine, colloidal synthetic graphite, plus zinc dialkyldithiophosphate. Forms a protective lubricating film by adhering to surface. Creeps to protect, does not dry. Withstands high temperatures, reduces friction and heat of metal. Tri-5 Tri-Flow. Penetrating lubricant with Teflon , corrosion inhibitors, moisture displacers and solvents to soften and remove dirt and corrosion. Will not cause corrosion. Use on aircraft cabin door hinges, landing gear hinges, and struts. Loosens rusted bolts and other fasteners. Part No. Description Size 20005-60Z Tri-5 Tri-Flow 6 oz. spray 20027-120Z Tri-5 Tri-Flow 12 oz. spray 26020-1GL Tri-5 Tri-Flow 1 gallon TFL50 dry lubricant. APPROVED UNDER MIL-L-60326 (MU) AMENDMENT 1. Dry lubricant has excellent thermal and chemical stability and anti-stick properties. Forms a natural insulating barrier when used on electronics. Dries on contact, non-staining. Not affected by oil, water or solvents. Resists acid attacks, non-conducting and is an effective mold release agent. Part No. Description Size 60133-100Z TFL50 dry lubricant 10 oz. TFL50 wet lubricant. MEETS MIL-C-16173D GRADE 3. Independent laboratory testing substantiates excellent penetration and lubrication action. Reduces friction and helps prevent parts wear; contributes to longer equipment life. Displaces moisture to help start wet engines. Resistance to rust and corrosion. Part No. Description Size 60127-100Z TFL50 wet lubricant 10 oz

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