Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2268 Paint, Chemicals & Consumables

FINISHES RANDOLPH FINISHES aviall ability aviall.com 2268 Rand-O-Proof G-6302. Specially formulated nitrate pre-coat. Tinted green. For spraying, thin one to one with 286 Nitrate Thinner. Apply three coats to the heat-shrunk fabric to insure adhesion of the butyrate fill coats that follow. Non-Tautening Clear Nitrate Dope E-4964. A high-solids nitrate dope used in applications where low shrinkage is desired. Thin as necessary for spray- ing with 286 Nitrate Thinner. Preserves the authentic look of open cockpits and antique restorations. Nitrate Thinner 286. Provides controlled drying for all nitrate products. Use only when spraying demands more flow out. Clear Butyrate Dope 9701. No inferior filler solvents or butyrates have been substituted in this high-build formula. Provides a tautening dope that slowly draw-tightens natural fabrics. DO NOT USE ON CECONITE! For use only on Grade A cotton or Irish Linen. Thin 1 to 1 with butyrate thinner. Non-Tautening Tinted Butyrate Dope W-8350. The same high-build formula as our clear tautening butyrate with additives to arrest shrinking. Use as a high-solids build coat over polyester fabrics to reduce shrinking over the service life of the covering job. Thin 1 to 1 with butyrate thinner. For use on Ceconite. Butyrate Thinner 9703. Provides controlled drying for all butyrate dope products. Rand-O-Fill Silver Butyrate Dope. A non-tautening silver UV barrier and build coat made from our high-solids butyrate formula. This pre-mixed silver dope needs no additional aluminum paste and is mixed to exactly the right proportions to insure maximum UV protection without flaking. Three to four cross coats pro- vide a high-quality fill before colored dopes are applied. Thin 1 to 1 with butyrate thinner. Universal Retarder Y-9910. A special formulation of solvents to slow dry- ing of both butyrate and nitrate products. Used to prevent condensation blush in humid conditions or to slow the drying of colored butyrates to increase gloss. Add as desired with a maximum of one part retarder to three parts butyrate thinner. Then use this mixture to thin butyrate 1 to 1. Butysolv Rejuvenator J-3000. Spray 3 coats right out of the can with no thinning. Wait 20 minutes between coats. Let dry overnight. Restores flexibility and suppleness to dried brittle dope. Colored Butyrate Dopes. These dopes are hand tinted using the highest grade pigments available to insure maximum hide and coverage. All colors are non bleeding and provide the best fade resistance available today. Reduce 1 to 1 with butyrate thinner. Rub out and wax for classic high-gloss finish. Colored Enamels. These high quality enamels are tinted to match our butyrate colors. Use only on primed metal or composite parts to match the butyrate on the adjacent fabric areas. Thin 3 to 1 with Enamel Thinner 257. Enamel Thinner 257. Use to flow out and thin enamel product. Ranthane. A high-gloss, flexible polyurethane paint that can be applied over fabric, primed metal or composites. Product Descriptions

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