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AEROSPACE COATINGS SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2271 Sherwin Williams "Factory Pack" topcoats for overall aircraft, gallons only. Part No. Description Intermix System Color Code CM0570535 Matterhorn white Conventional 00150 CM0810003 Matterhorn white High solids 00150 CM0570513 Chevron white Conventional 00068 CM0570537 Nordic gray Conventional 00257 CM0570566 Snow white Conventional 00021 CM0810002 Snow white High solids 00021 CM0810013 Gray BAC 707 High solids 01529 CM0810001 Plane white High solids 810001 Jet Glo Polyurethane Topcoat * See Intermix Colors Code Chart on page 2353 for specific color suffix listings Note: For mixing instructions and ratios and other specification contact Aviall or Sherwin Williams or go to sherwin-williams.com Jet Glo high solids colors (J-Series colors). Anti-cratering additive CM0110808 may be added at 1 ounce per gallon. Up to 3 oz. accelerator CM0818H10 may be added for small touch-up areas only. Base color to hardener to activator mix ratio: 1:1: 1 /16. Part No. Description Quantity Comments CM0820J(*) J colors, base component Quart, gallon CM0820081 Intermix hardener Gallon Use for colors CM0820H18 Intermix activator Quart Use at over 75 F CM0820A10 Intermix activator, 10 hr. Quart Use at 60 to 75 F CM0110987 Thinner, high temperature Quart, gallon Use at over 75 F CM0110944 Thinner, medium fast Quart, gallon VOC compliant thinner Jet Glo Intermix System 820 Series Jet Glo EXPRESS Aircraft Exterior Paint Nearly three years of development went into Jet Glo EXPRESS , and the results are outstanding. OEMs and airlines both are raving about Jet Glo Express' fast cure time, easy mixing and application, and repairable/buffable urethane finish. Jet Glo Express is an intermix system. A wide selection of custom color matching is available. Benefits Fast cure time - only 6 to 8 hours Easy mix ratio - 2:1:1 (base : hardener : activator) Excellent ultra-high-gloss finish, flow and distinctness of image (DOI) Repairable, buffable urethane finish - Jet Glo Express' initial hardness is less than Jet Glo , providing an improved ability to buff and repair Worldwide VOC compliance - formulated with a viscosity to remain compliant without requiring the use of exempt solvents Very low HAPS content: <2% by weight Free of lead and chromate hazards Superior color - lower initial viscosity permits the use of higher level of hiding pigments while retaining optimum gloss Outstanding weatherability Excellent chemical resistance to harsh chemicals, hydraulic fluids including Skydrol, solvents and fuels Jet Glo EXPRESS . MEETS MIL-PRF-85285 (REVISIONS C AND D) MILITARY SPECIFICATION, AMS 3095 UNIFIED PAINT SPECIFICATION AND BMS 10-72. Jet Glo EXPRESS is a high performance, multi-component polyester urethane designed for exterior use on high performance general aviation and commercial aircraft. Part No. Description Quantity Comments CM08400Y or Z(*) Y and Z Series whites and color bases Quart, gallon CM0110093 Thinner Gallon CM0110987 High solid thinner blend Quart, gallon CM0840A00 Jet Glo EXPRESS activator Gallon Slow CM0840A01 Jet Glo EXPRESS activator Gallon Medium CM0840A03 Jet Glo EXPRESS activator Gallon Medium-fast CM0840A05 Jet Glo EXPRESS activator Gallon Fast

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