Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2290 Ground Support Equipment

AIRCRAFT TOWBARS BRACKETT GROUND SUPPORT aviall ability aviall.com 2290 Part No. Description Length Weight Max Gross TH5 TH-5 ring hitch, 2" fixed 74" 14 lbs. 4,500 lbs. TH5B TH-5 ball hitch, 2" fixed 74" 15 lbs. 4,500 lbs. TH5C TH-5C Clevis hitch, 3 /4" hole 78" 15 lbs. 4,500 lbs. TH53B TH-53B ball hitch, 2" telescoping 80-94" 23 lbs. 7,000 lbs. TH53C TH-53C Clevis hitch, 3 /4" hole 80-94" 22 lbs. 7,000 lbs. TH53R TH-53R ring hitch, 2" telescoping 80-94" 22 lbs. 7,000 lbs. TR34B TR-34B ball hitch, 2" telescoping 84-104" 36 lbs. 14,000 lbs. TR34C TR-34C Clevis hitch, 3 /4" hole 84-104" 35 lbs. 14,000 lbs. TR34R TR-34R ring hitch, 2 3 /4" telescoping 84-104" 35 lbs. 14,000 lbs. TR34SR TR-34SR shock ring hitch 90-112" 40 lbs. 14,000 lbs. TR34SRW TR-34SRW shock ring hitch with wheels 90-112" 48 lbs. 14,000 lbs. Universal aircraft towbars. Fits most aircraft up to 14,000 lbs. gross wt. These towbars will fit 90% of general aviation nose wheel aircraft. Part No. Application T360 Cirrus SR-20, SR-22 T375 PC-12, Trinidad, Tobago, Socata T431 TBM 700 T451 0.475" outer diameter T475 0.475" outer diameter T515 Bell 430 T625 Agusta 109 and others T730 L-39 Jet, T-28 T750 Commander 114, S-76 and others T795 Commander 114, Piper Lance T840 0.840" inner diamater T1100 Extender for Malibu, Mirage T1375 1.375" inner diameter T1500 Diamond DA-40 TMAULE Maule tail spring TN182 Extender for 182 wheel pants TWA10 Scott tail wheel TWA11 Tail wheel, DGA, Staggerwing Towbar head adapters. For use with Brackett universal aircraft towbars. Part No. Description T34-01L Extended ring hitch (for 10' length) T34-02L Extended ball hitch (for 10' length) T34-04 Shock absorbing hitch T4W Wheels for TR-34 Towbar options. For use with Brackett universal aircraft towbars. Towbar Operation Select the end of the head assembly (B) that suits your aircraft. To change ends, depress (A) and rotate (B) 180 . Spread the towbar with the crank. Place the head on the proper lugs or wheel axle, and crank the towbar shut with light pressure. These towbars will fit 90% of general aviation nose wheel aircraft. For pulling the tail wheel and a few special applications we have made special adapters available. These optional adapters fit into the heads ends. 1. The internal hole fits Cessna lugs and adapters, 0.630" ID. 2. Fits Piper type with wheel pants. 3. Fits Bonanza, Baron pins, 0.260" dia. The external position fits nose wheel axles and Mooney, 0.840" OD. 4. Fits nose wheel axles, etc., 1.110" diameter. T-Maule T-840 TWA-10 TWA-11 T-N182 T-515 T-1100 T-1375 T-431 T-451 T-375 T-360 T-260 T-475 T-625 T-730 T-750 TH-5 TH-53 TR-34 TR-34SRW Brackett Aircraft Co.

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