Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2313 Ground Support Equipment

ELECTRICAL POWER UNITS TRONAIR ELECTRICAL POWER UNITS aviall ability aviall.com 2313 400 Hz AC electrical power unit. These electrical converters are designed to supply a safe power source to operate avionics, test equipment and environmental controls while engines are off line. Features: Chopped rectifier with IGBT's (harmonic content at input <3%) optional 6 pulse uncontrolled rectifier is available Fully-controlled IGBT inverter Pulse-width modulation Special earth leakage protection package Stable operating performance due to microprocessor control Low output distortion factor Constant output voltage for non-linear loads Total diagnostics, monitoring, and fault memory on LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Interface for remote control and centralized monitoring by PC or modem connection 25' output cable with AC power plug Output power at p.f. 0.8: 60 kVA, 90 kVA Nominal frequency: 400 Hz 0.1% Voltage adjustment range: +12/-5% Nominal current: 173A, 260A Distortion factor at linear load: < 3% Voltage characteristics: steady state 1%, dynamic <15% acc. to MIL- Std. 704E, fig. 4 Output harmonic content L-L: <2% at linear, balanced load Recovery time: <200 ms Wave form: sinusoidal Phase angle: 120 1.5 Enclosure: NEMA 3R Available with single or dual output cables Finish: Baked powder coat Mobile Stationary Input Amps Part No. Part No. Size (480) without input cable with input cable no input cable 20 kVA 22 11C6648-1000 11C6648-1010 11C6656-1000 40 kVA 44 11C6649-1000 11C6649-1010 11C6657-1000 60 kVA 68 11C6650-1000 11C6650-1010 11C6658-1000 75 kVA 79 11C6651-1000 11C6651-1010 11C6659-1000 90 kVA 94 11C6652-1000 11C6652-1010 11C6660-1000 90 kVA low profile 94 11C6662-1000 11C6602-1010 - Mobile Low profile Stationary (standard)

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