Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2317 Ground Support Equipment

BATTERY CARTS AND ACCESSORIES TRONAIR BATTERY CARTS aviall ability aviall.com 2317 Ram air turbine (RAT) test cart for Airbus. Tested and certified by Hamilton Sundstrand and Airbus Industries. This ram air turbine test cart performs ground test to verify the integrity of the RAT. Features: Mounted on casters with side handles for ease of moving from storage to aircraft Floor lock for securing cart in position at aircraft Both front and rear cabinet doors open fully for easy access to stored components, manuals and tools. Recessed, side-mounted quick disconnects for easy external connection of hydraulic hoses, allowing all cabinet doors to remain closed during testing Powered from aircraft electrical system; no batteries or external power source Ground test motor (AGE10600C) attaches easily to RAT lower gearbox using provided fasteners 20' hose lengths provide flexibility in positioning hydraulic power cart at the aircraft Ground test tool hydraulic motor provides exact torque curve required to properly test RAT test performance RAT Ground Test Cart is marked with ergonomic controls and instrumentation Easy-to-read digital data displays for RAT speed, pressure and flow Smooth operating flow control valve provides accurate RAT flow control during testing Front panel clipboard rest for recording test procedure and holding data sheets Finish: desert sand baked powder coat Part No. Description Replaces 13-6600-3600 Ram air turbine test cart AGE-11212 ground check unit 89415Z flow control test unit 13-6601-3600 Ram air turbine test cart AGE-11212 ground check unit AGE-10600 ground test tool 89415Z flow control test unit 13-6606-6600 Ground check unit A380 13-6600-3600 RAT Ram air turbine (RAT) ground test motor tool for Embraer. The ground test motor, powered by a suitable hydraulic cart, is used to back drive the RAT on the ERJ-170/190 aircraft during ground checkout. Part No. Description 13-6604-6600 Ground test motor tool for Embraer ERJ 170/190 Ram air turbine (RAT) actuator adjustment tool for Embraer. This tool is for adjustment of the RAT actuator arm of the ERJ-170/190. Part No. Description 13-6605-6000 Actuator adjustment tool for Embraer ERJ 170/190

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