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PNEUMATIC SERVICE TRONAIR PNEUMATIC SERVICE aviall ability aviall.com 2319 Pneumatic driven hydraulic beadbreaker. The heavy duty tire beadbreaker is ideal for use on large commuter and airline applications. Features: 25 ton hydraulic cylinder driven by a pneumatic pump (80-120 psi) Rugged welded steel construction with aluminum breaker spindle Pulsating pneumatic pump aids in breaking the toughest beads Single control panel allows for both vertical and horizontal travel with a foot pedal valve Adjustable breaker pads (10) eliminate the need for ring adapters Entry ramp and sliding rail make loading and positioning easier Horizontal mechanical extension from the cylinder for final width adjustment Finish: blue baked powder coat Part No. Description 14-6878-0100 Pneumatic driven hydraulic beadbreaker K-3151 Small tire adapter kit - for breaking 18" diameter tires or smaller 14-6878-0100 K-3151 adapter kit Hydraulic tire beadbreaker. This tire beadbreaker can be operate with hand pump or optional shop air. It is sized to accommodate rim sizes from 8-20" diameters. This beadbreaker is non-functional without the beadbreaker adapter rings listed below. Features: Sturdy welded steel construction Fits tire rim diameters 8-20" with breaker rings (sold separately) Telescoping legs to adjust for tire widths Accommodates locking ring type wheel Sliding bottom breaker pads (3) are padded to protect against rim damage Finish: blue baked powder coat Closed Dimensions Part No. Description Pump Pressure Depth Width Height Weight 14B6801-0120 Hydraulic tire beadbreaker with foot pump 2,500 psi 28" 55" 141 lbs. 14B6801-0120 Hydraulic tire beadbreaker with pneumatic pump 8,800 psi 28" 55" 141 lbs. K2540 Air pump field installation kit Beadbreaker adapter rings. These bead breaker rings are designed for use on tires with or without chines. To determine proper ring size: 1. Measure the outside diameter of rim. 2. Add 0.55" to the diameter of rim. 3. Choose the next largest diameter ring. Example: The rim measure 13.62". Now add 0.55" = 14.17". You would order Z-1063-15 (for tires without chines) or Z-1064-15 (for tires with chines) Part No. Description Z1063-(##) Tires without chines 1 Z1064-(##) Tires with chines 1 Z3072-20 Goodyear wheels for 34 x 9.25-16 Goodyear tires Z3072-22 Dunlap wheels and K-3729 Dunlap rim assembly kit and disassembly kit for 34 x 9.25-16 Goodyear tires 1 Chines are tires that have been designed to channel water away from the aircraft body - usually those on the nose wheel Model: 14A6801-0120 Air pump driven

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