Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2321 Ground Support Equipment

PNEUMATIC SERVICE TRONAIR PNEUMATIC SERVICE aviall ability aviall.com 2321 Part No. Description Motor Decibels Airflow Length Width Height Weight 15X7603-1000 1 Cabin pressurization test cart 20 hp 90 dbA 0 - 275 SCFM 70" 48" 49" 1100 lbs. K3357 Stabilizing anti-icing test kit for Lear 45 1 For Voltage Option Code, contact factory (required) Cabin pressurization test cart. Quiet air source for leak testing aircraft cabins and pressurization components. Integral high output blower and controls allow maximum portability and convenience. Features: 50' input power cable (plug not included) 25' #4 cabin pressure sensor hose with 37 JIC female swivel connector 25' long, 2" inner diameter cabin air supply hose Heavy duty motor (3 phase) with 5 year manufacturers warranty Heavy duty starter with solid state overload protection High output belt driven blower with oil level indicator High efficiency industrial blower silencers Certified output and cabin pressure gauges, 0 - 15 psi. Certified door seal pressure gauge, 0 - 30 psi Air temperature (30 - 300 F) and flow indicators Cabin pressurization test cart adapter kits. Part No. Aircraft Application K1623 Aero Commander K2610 BAE HS-125, Hawker 800 K1456 Beech Duke K1285 Beech King Air and 1900 K2601 Citation I, II, V, S/II, CitationJet, Ultra K1288 Citation III, VI, VII and X K1491 Cessna 337 K1359 Cessna 421, 425, 441 and Lear 45 K1622 Falcon 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 900 Part No. Aircraft Application K-1661 Lear 24, 31 K-1286 Lear 21, 25, 35 and 36 K-1360 1 Lear 55 (after S/N 125) and EMB-120 K-1660 MU2, BeechJet, Diamond K-1381 Piper PA-31T Cheyenne K-2453 Pilatus PC-12 K-2403 Sabre 65 K-2418 Westwind/Astra K-3317 SJ30-2 1 A/C must have LearJet part number 541*057-8 duct Portable cabin pressurization test unit. Operates on either shop air or a portable air compressor. compliant. Integral filter ensures clean dry air is introduced to the aircraft. Includes an ATA transport case with wheels and a retractable handle. Features: Detachable 20' cabin supply hose 1 1 /2" diameter with quick disconnect Requires 1" inner diameter inlet hose from air supply Replaceable air inlet filter element 30' cabin sensor feedback hose 30' door seal supply hose Output range: 0 - 15 psi with a pressure relief valve set at 15.5 psi Certified output and cabin pressure gauges: 0 - 15 psi Certified door seal gauge: 0 - 30 psi Flow range: 0 - 200 SCFM Maximum shop air supply pressure: 150 psi Rate of climb: 0 - 6,000 ft./min. Part No. Description Length Width Height Weight 15-7605-6000 Portable cabin pressurization test unit 20" 25" 120 lbs.

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