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3M ADVANCED SYSTEMS TESTER 3M ABRASIVES, TOOLS AND MEDIA aviall ability aviall.com 2329 3M 900AST Systems Tester. The 3M TM Advanced Systems Tester, 900AST is a handheld, integrated test set designed specifically for locating faults (opens, shorts and intermittents) in the wiring of various transportation classes including that of most military, commercial and private aircraft. With the 900AST, aviation mechanics can quickly locate faults and verify repairs on various conductor types utilizing the Resistive Fault Location (RFL) and Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) functions. Part No. Description Qty/Case 051115-18511 900AST AERO Advanced Systems Tester ** 1 051115-18592 1101 soft case for 900AST 1 051115-18594 1103 cable, BNC to 2MM plug, 93 Ohm for 900AST 1 051115-18595 1104 adapter, BNC female to 20AWG for 900AST 1 051115-18596 1105 900AST TDR test lead for 900 AST (includes 1103 and 1104) 1 051115-18597 1106 test lead, black/red banana for 900AST 1 051115-18598 1107 test lead, yellow/blue banana for 900AST 1 pair 051115-18599 1108 test lead, green banana for 900 AST" 1 pair 051138-58764 900-IR adapter cable for 900 Series* 1 051138-57685 1149 holder, alkaline battery for 900 Series* 1 *modified description from 965DSP ** Unit includes soft case, battery holder, all test leads, 2 TDR test leads with adapter, manual and warranty card

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