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ABRASIVES, TOOLS AND MEDIA 3M ABRASIVES, TOOLS AND MEDIA aviall ability aviall.com 2331 Scotch-Brite TM 33 Scotch-Brite aircraft cleaning pad. This product is ideal for cleaning painted surfaces. The coated side enhances the friction to loosen dirt and debris, but does not scratch coating or alter the gloss level. This product may be used in conjunction with a variety of cleaners and applicators. Part No. UPC Size Quantity 048011-33010-5 00048011330105 3 1 /2" x 5" 200 per case 048011-33012 00048011330112 4 5 /8" x 10" 100 per case 048011-33012-9 00048011330129 6" x 12" 50 per case No. 74 Scotch-Brite medium duty scrub sponge. Yellow sponge attached to durable nylon abrasive web for cleaning by hand. Part No. UPC Size Color Quantity 04801120688 50048011206887 3.6" x 6.1" Yellow/green 20 per case No. 96 Scotch-Brite general purpose scour pad. The premier and original synthetic scouring pad - still the performance leader! Part No. UPC Size Color Quantity 048011-08293 50048011082931 6" x 9" Green 60 per case 251M Scotch-Brite conformable applicator cleaning kit. Kit designed to provide a safe, efficient and economical system for scrubbing aircraft exteriors. Kit contains one #261 conformable applicator cleaner head, two clean and finish sheets type T and two super polish sheets. Sheets are 6" x 12". Part No. UPC Description Quantity 048011-05716 00048011057163 Scotch-Brite conformable applicator cleaning kit 251M 10 per case 920S Scotch-Brite surface conditioning disc pack. Introductory pack containing a variety of grades of 2 and 3 inch non-woven surface conditioning discs. Used for cleaning, finishing, blending and deburring applications. Also includes 922 and 923 disc pad holders. Part No. UPC Description Quantity 920 00048011182537 Scotch-Brite surface conditioning disc pack 920S 5 per case 5440 Scotch-Brite ultra heavy duty hand pad. Very open, extra heavy, tough web with coarse abrasive. Resistant to loading. Does not contaminate. Excellent for cleaning scale or corrosion. 10 pads per box, 4 boxes per case. Part No. UPC Abrasive Material Color Quantity 5440 00048011169835 Coarse grade aluminum oxide Brown 40 per case 6444 Scotch-Brite extra heavy duty hand pad. Excellent intermediate hand pad made of aluminum oxide for conformability in cleaning, finishing and graining. Also may be used to denib or defuzz. May be used by hand, with a hand block or on an in-line sander. 20 pads per box, 3 boxes per case. Part No. UPC Grade Color Quantity 06444 00048011165530 Fine Brown 60 per case 6448 Scotch-Brite light duty hand pad. Durable silicon carbide web offers long life and conformability. Designed to clean, finish and buff. May be used by hand, with a hand pad block or on an in- line sander. 20 pads per box, 3 boxes per case. Part No. UPC Grade Color Quantity 06448 00048011165554 Ultra fine Dark gray 60 per case

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