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BARFIELD TEST EQUIPMENT BARFIELD TEST EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 2351 Pitot-Static Equipment An air data test set performs two basic functions. First, it provides the means to leak test an aircraft pitot-static system. Second, it simulates pressure and vacuum conditions required to calibrate the airspeed, altimeter, mach, vertical speed, manifold pressure, and engine pressure ratio (EPR) indicators. The need for highly accurate air data test systems has become critical since the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) outlined a recommendation to reduce the vertical separation between aircraft. This recommendation as outlined in Advisory Circular 91-RVSM (reduced vertical separation minimum) suggests reducing the vertical separation of aircraft in a predetermined airspace from 2,000 feet separation to 1000 feet. Barfield Inc. has addressed this recommendation by upgrading and developing several air data test systems. These systems vary from an economical digital pitot-static tester using the latest transducer technology to an ultra modern fully automated air data test system. All Barfield air data testers (analog and digital) meet or exceed the requirements of DOT Advisory Circular 43-203B for performing altimeter and static system tests and inspections. The significant differences between any air data test system are cost, accuracy, calibration interval, and other features like programmable limits designed to protect the sensitive aircraft instruments from damage. Pitot-static testers are commonly used to perform: Pitot-static system leak check Operational check and calibration of: Airspeed Altimeter Vertical speed indicator Engine pressure ratio (EPR) transmitters Manifold pressure gauge Encoding altimeter Machmeter Static system certification Pressurization system troubleshooting Barfield makes pitot-static equipment in various sizes and features in order to service the entire market. Our simplest model allows small shops to leak test or recertify pitot and static systems after maintenance or component changes, while our most sophisticated model provides the technician with a high accuracy transfer standard capable of component certification accuracy. Our testers come with hosing to interface the test set to aircraft adapters and the fittings necessary to hook-up at the tester. Barfield also offers the Nav-Aids product line which makes custom pitot and static adapters for many military, helicopter, general aviation aircraft, corporate jets, and airliners. A compiled list of Nav-Aids pitot-static adapter part numbers begins on page 2445. Product data contained in this catalog has been derived from information obtained from Aviall's suppliers. Some of the information has been summarized and rearranged to facilitate searching the catalog. Aviall does not assume responsibility for errors or omissions. It is recommended that mechanics verify FAA eligibility before installing a part on an aircraft. All users of this catalog do so at their own risk. Information in thiscatalog is subject to change without notice. Please see additional disclaimer information at the beginning of the catalog.

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