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NAV-AIDS PITOT-STATIC ADAPTERS BARFIELD TEST EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 2363 Airbus A-300 P52298-4 42-000 33410AB125-4 PT15229 AD300-30 A300, A310 P74418-4 851HV 33410AB125-4 PT421-318 AD300-310-851 (Cleco type) A300, A310 P74418-4 851HV SS31003-4 ! (Bar type) S31082-4 ! (Bar type) PT421-318 ADA310-947 ! (RVSM) A300, A310 P63307M1-4 33410AB125-4 300-1110 AD310-300MS 45-000 C16254AA (Cleco type) ADA310-945 ! (RVSM) A-300, A-310 P63307M1-4 SS31003-4 ! (Bar type) S31082-4 ! (Bar type) 300-1110 ADA310-946 ! (RVSM) 45-000 C16254AA A-320, A-319, A-321 P99320M1-4C 50620 SS32092-4 ! (Bar type) S32084M1-4 ! (Bar type) PT19932 ADA320-723 C16195AA 33410ABB125 1 ADA320-945 ! (RVSM) (Cleco type) A-320, A-319, A-321 P99320M1-4C 50620 33410AB125-4 33410A47-125-4 PT19932 ADA320-612 C16195AA 33410ABB125 1 (Cleco type) ADA320-946 (Cleco type) A-320, A-319, A-321 P75701-4C 0851HL SS32092 ! (Bar type) SS32092-4 ! (Bar type) PT17570 ADA320-845 ! (RVSM) A-330, A-340 P75701-4 851GR S34093-4 ! (Bar type) PT17570 ADA330-340-612 851HL 33410ABB125 1 ADA330-340-945 (Cleco type) (RVSM) A-330, 340 P75701-4 851GR 33410AB125-4 PT17570 ADA330-340-723 0851HL 33410ABB125 1 (Cleco type) Boeing 707 P14789-4 851T 33410M-125-4 21298-370-4 PT11478 AD422-7 851CM Alternate static adapter 717 P15589M1-3 851AK 33410SAS125-4 33410SAS90-4 PT11558M1 ADA717-612 33410SAS125 1 Alternate static adapter 33410SAS90B 1 727-100 P14789-3 851T 33410M125-4 PT11478 ADA727-612 851CM 727-200 P14789-3 851T 33410LH125-4 21298-170-4 PT11772 ADA927-180 851CM EPR adapter 737-100, -200, PSS22300-3-4-4 856AE8 ! and 33410LH125-4 P14789-4 PT12230 AD953-7 -300, -400, -500 856AE13 Elevator feel 953-161 737-600, -700, P75701M2-3 851FJ1 33410LH125-4 Vacu-grip assembly PT17570 AD737-678 -800 (high temperature) 851HT 421-8971 Elevator feel P14789-4 747-100, -200, PSS44600M3-4-4 856CC 33410LH125-4 - PT14460 AD967-47 -300 747-400 PSS44600M2-3-4-4 856RE3 ! and 33410LH125-4 - PT1460M1 AD967-47M (high temperature) 856RE4 747SP PSS44600SP3-4-4 856KB7 ! and 856KB8 33410LH125-4 - PT144601 AD967-47SP 757 P75701-3 851FJ 33410LH125-4 33410MC125-4 PT17570 ADA757-612 Pressurization port PT757-161 LK757-723 test adapter P18815DM4 PT11881M P1 adapter Rolls-Royce engine RR211-535E4 767 PSS76700-3-4-4 856LU-RFT 33410LH125-4 - PT17670 ADA767-612 856LU1 ! and 856LU2 PT76700 767 PSS76700M2-3-4-4 856LU 33410LH125-4 Vacu-grip PT17670 ADA767HT612 (high temperature) 421-8971 777 P77796HT3 856LU 33410LH125-4 Pressurization port PT17779 ADA777-612 (high temperature) test adapter 33410MC125-4 Vacu-grip assembly 421-8971 Convair 580 P14789CA4 831-02 33410-125-4 - PT11882 - Pitot-Static Adapter Listing for Civil Transport Static Test Pitot Pre-Test Adapter/ & Assembly Air Data Aircraft Aircraft Pitot Test Pitot Probe Blanking Miscellaneous Integrity Accessories Mfg. Type Adapter Part No. Adapter 1 Adapters Feature Kit 1 Indicates a static blanking adapter

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