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ADAPTER CABLES BARFIELD TEST EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 2383 Models 102-00902 and 102-00903 turbine temperature adapter cables. The adapter cables in conjunction with the TT1200 or TT1000A permits resistance, insulation measurement and indicator tests of aircraft equipped with General Electric CF6, CF6-50 and CF6-80 series engines. These specialized adapter cables permit convenient access to the engine thermocouple harnesses by connecting directly to the existing engine connectors eliminating the need for pin to pin probing. With these OEM approved packages the user can quickly and efficiently test the entire indicating system. Each package provides for connections at multiple points in the system and permits indicator testing, system resistance measurements, individual thermocouple lead resistance measurements and insulation testing, all to be accomplished through a convenient switching scheme. When an adapter harness is purchased separately, the TT1000A or TT1200 being used must be returned to Barfield for modification and/or calibration with the new harness. The TT1000A must have a DIN connector (Option A) for interfacing with the adapter cable and a 2 kilohm insulation range (Option B) added. A DIN plug is added to the standard alligator clipped cable so the modified TT1000A is still useful on other turbine engines. The TT1200 does not require modification but the existing unit must be returned so the adapter harness and tester can be calibrated together. Part No. Description 102-00902 Turbine temperature adapter cables 102-00903 Turbine temperature adapter cables 102-00902 adapter cable 102-00903 adapter cable

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