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SERVICE TOOLS & EQUIPMENT CHAMPION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 2395 Model 91893 abrasive compound. ! This compound replaces 533 abrasive in all Champion spark ! plug cleaner units. Cleaners formerly using the 533 abrasive will require two bags of 91893 to fully ! charge the unit . Each bag of abrasive contains one 622 nozzle tip. Operators using two bags of abrasive ! should remember to remove and save the extra nozzle tip. The instructions below should be followed ! when replacing abrasive: 1. Use two bags of 91893 abrasive to fully charge Champion 2400, 800H, 800E and 700 cleaners. 2. Use one bag of 91893 to fully charge the CT475AV cleaner/tester. Part No. Description 91893 Abrasive compound Model CT709. Designed for easy removal of Cessna oil filter adapters from 150 Series thru 300 Series aircraft. Manufactured from tool quality steel, features both 3 /8" and 1 /2" drives, as well as "flip over" reversibility. Part No. Description Shipping Wt. CT709 Oil filter wrench 11 oz. (311 g) Model 2612 spark plug thread lubricant. A high-temperature, graphited lubricant for application to spark plug installation threads to prevent galling and seizure. Sturdy plastic 4 fl. oz. bottle with brush attached to cap. Shipping weight: (carton of 12): 4 lbs. (1.814 kg). Part No. Description Size 2612 Spark plug thread lubricant 5 5 /8" x 7 1 /4" x 5 1 /4" (14.4 x 18.4 x 13.3 cm) *Champion service tools are distributed under license by Kell-Strom Tool Company, Wethersfield, CT. Model CT492 igniter erosion gauge. (formerly CT-468). A special tool designed specifically to mea- sure the erosion-wear of Champion AA series igniters. Calibrated in colored scale segments to determine the extent of erosion of the undercut area of the steel shell, not easily visible to the eye. Measuring tips shaped to reach into the undercut, true-wear area. Instructions for use included in special plastic box. Part No. Shipping Wt. Size CT492 10 oz. (238 g) 6 1 /4" x 4 1 /4" x 1 1 /2" (15.8 cm x 10.7 cm x 3.8 cm)

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