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OIL FILTER TOOLS CHAMPION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT aviall ability aviall.com 2397 CT923 oil filter cutter. The cutter centers around the filter quickly, with no parts to change, and you can cut the filter in either direction. Cuts all Champion 3.7" diameter oil filters and Champion RB-C308 Filters for Rotax 912-914 engines. Part No. Description CT923 Oli filter cutter CT924 oil filter holder. A tab on the bottom of the holder allows the holder to be mounted in a bench vise for rigid support. Reduces side loads on the cutter blade. This holder makes a messy job a lot cleaner and safer, avoiding oil spills and leakage on the shop floor. This unit is manufactured from cast aluminum. Part No. Description CT924 Oil filter holder CT925 oil filter media cutter. This patent pending tool is designed to hold and cut champion Aviation oil filter paper mdia without holding the filter spool by the hand. Reduce the injury of cutting ones hands while performing this task. A knife with a hand lapped, retractable safety cover is brought into position to make a clean cut of the filter media. The filter media can then be removed for inspection. Part No. Description CT925 Oil filter media cutter

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