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TOOLS KELL-STROM TOOLS aviall ability aviall.com 2403 PT6 engine stand. DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED TO THE LATEST PRATT & WHITNEY CANADA SPECIFI- CATIONS. Most Kell-Strom built engine stands include an hydraulic gear-box, allowing for multiple positioning, and four (4) heavy duty swivel casters with locking devices. All Kell-Strom tools are guaranteed to the very latest P&WC drawing revisions. Part No. Description PWC34300 PT6 engine stand KS5547 Drip pan (not shown) PT6 fuel nozzle kit. P&WC FACTORY APPROVED. Kell-Strom assembles a test kit that combines in one convenient case, tools that would normally cost as much as 15% more when purchased separately. Kit includes a PWC30405 flow pressure testing tool; a PWC30416 fuel nozzle sheath puller; a PWC30530 fuel nozzle plug; a PWC32811 flow fixture; and a PWC30506 test rig fuel nozzle. The 5202KS Fuel Nozzle Kit is packed in an IATA approved shipping and storage chest. All Kell-Strom tools are guaranteed to the very latest P&WC drawing revisions. Part No. Description 5202KS Complete PT6 fuel nozzle kit PWC30405 Flow pressure testing tool PWC30416 Flow nozzle sheath puller PWC30530 Fuel nozzle plug PWC32811 Flow fixture PWC30506 Test rig fuel nozzle Propeller beta ring puller. Available and in stock, the TK-1573-918 beta ring puller is equipped with pulling legs for 3, 4 and 5 blade propellers and can be used on Hartzell propellers. With additional options it can be used on Hartzell 6 blade propellers. These beta ring pullers are made with aircraft grade materials and are of exceptional quality. Kell-Strom can also manufacture beta ring pullers for many other propellers and propeller types. Part No. Description TK1573-918 Beta ring puller Universal bubble protractor. A useful propeller and control surface tool is the Kell-Strom KS2113 universal propeller protractor. This device is used to measure the propeller blade angle or control surface at a specific station to determine proper adjustment. The KS2113 remains the world standard for mechanical protractor devices. Aviation instructors and AMT's world- wide recognize the KS2113 by sight. Modern quality systems ask for more than analog and subjective measurements (spirit levels, as precision instruments still require an individual to judge the bubble's position between the lines). Additionally, neither the bubble's position or the degree scales' readouts can be input directly to a computer from the protractor. To respond to both modern quality systems' requirements and allow for objective digita measurements, Kell-Strom promotes the use of our Pro360 and Pro3600 digital protractors. Part No. Description Material KS2113 Universal bubble protractor Aluminum KS2113G Disc Aluminum KS2113H Bubble Aluminum KS2113I Level Aluminum

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