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TOOLS KELL-STROM TOOLS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2404 Aero Angle Pro 360. Our Aero Angle Pro 360 gives you immediate, full 360 readings of level, plumb and all the angles in between. It consists of a light, rigid, ultra-precise platform that allows the sensor and microprocessor circuit to provide unsurpassed accuracy of 0.1 degree at level and plumb (0.2 degrees maximum error otherwise). It features alternate zero (alternate reference), a hold button to freeze displayed angle, simple calibration requiring no special fixtures and a one year warranty. Part No. Description KS5549 Aero Angle Pro 360 Aero Angle II Pro 3600. A step up from our Pro 360, the time-saving Pro 3600 offers you a higher degree of accuracy by providing readings to within 1 /100 of a degree up to 10 , and 1 /10 of a degree beyond. While the Pro 3600 offers all the features of the Pro 360, it also has an RS-232 compatible serial port for angle readout. The angle is output in ASCII in response to a HI signal on the REQ line. The T&B Ansley 609-1027 connector on the back mates with industry standard cables. Part No. Description KS6005 Aero Angle II Pro 3600 KS5571 Magnetic base attachment Hydraulic expanding arbor. Primarily developed for the balancing industry, our hydraulic expanding arbor eliminates the need for freezing and pressing off turbine disks, as was the case with the old style fixed diameter hard arbors. Our arbor uses a self-contained hydraulic system to create extremely high pressure to expand steel sleeves concentrically. This allows a gripping action on the critical diameter(s) of the part for highly accurate work-holding applications. Available in various ID/OD configurations. We can also custom design an adapter for a specific balancing need. Part No. Description Custom manufactured - call for details Hydraulic expanding arbors Engine sling. DESIGNED & MANUFACTURED TO THE LATEST PRATT & WHITNEY CANADA SPECIFICATIONS. Our engine slings are manufactured from large section diameter tubing to achieve minimal member deflections, which result in wider safety margins. The wire rope assemblies also incorporate permanently cold-fused, individually dead-load tested, swagged fittings. Each sling is identified as a Kell-Strom product, with maximum load permitted and the latest load test clearly identified. Part No. Description PWC50066 Engine sling Lathe fixture. This unique lathe fixture holds all the different components found in P&WC's PT6, JT15D and PW100 aircraft engines. In most facilities, a separate fixture is used to hold each engine component during grinding and/or machining. Our fixture allows you use a single fixture instead, decreasing set-up for grinding components like the engine's small exit ducts or turbine shrouds. Part No. Description KS5480 Lathe fixture

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