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TOOLS KELL-STROM TOOLS aviall ability aviall.com 2405 Radius gauge. Our new radius gauge features a new universal application for compressor shrouds of the PT6 small and large turboprop series, as well as the power turbine shroud of the PT6 small turboprop series. Part No. Description PWC32380A Radius gauge Link tool 41 piece set. Link tools are the only tools that push on and automatically lock at each connec- tion. Eliminate sockets dropping off in hard to access locations. These 41 piece sets are available in 1/4" and 3 /8" drive sets. Other kits and accessories are also available. The following are our most popular kits. All Link Tools offer a lifetime guarantee. Part No. Description 38041 41-pc Link system set 3/8" drive 25041 41-pc Link system set 1/4" drive 38005 5-pc Link system set 3/8" drive 25005 5-pc Link system set 1/4" drive Dual feature rig. Clean fuel nozzles mean improved engine performance. Our stainless steel compressor wash and in-situ fuel nozzle cleaning rig for the PT6 series of turbine engines features a combined engine compressor wash and an in-situ fuel nozzle cleaning circuit. Trolley-mounted, the system is operated by a standard shop-compressed air supply or other suitable regulated pressure air source. The circuit has a built-in pneumatic logic control system that provides for full adjustment of the cleaning solution and rinse fluid pulsation rates needed during the fuel nozzle cleaning. Part No. Description PWC32677-300 Dual feature rig Mastic removal system. Designed specifically for the Aircraft Industry the Mastic Removal Systems removes PRC, RTV, silicone, rubatex, fabric gaskets, seals, velcro and all general mastic and caulking from various aircraft surfaces. There are two systems available, the OZ7000 Vibro-Gun and the OZ7021 Super-Hammer. The OZ7000 Vibro-Gun is particularly effective in the removal of sealants from aircraft fuel tanks. The fuel tank applications are typically loaded with excessive amounts of PRCs that must be removed before the tanks can undergo periodic inspections. This is extremely time consuming, and in many is being done by hand. The OZ7000 is complete system, and includes blade sharpening. The OZ7021 Super-Hammer is a rugged removal system used where the buildup of PRCs and RTVs are in excess of 2-3" thick. We design and build custom Mastic Removal Systems for most all sealant removal applications. Part No. Description 0 Z7000 Vibro-Gun 0 Z7021 Super-Hammer

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