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ULTRASONIC CLEANERS KELL-STROM TOOLS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2408 Portable wash rig. Clean turbine engine fuel nozzles properly, with pulse capability from the Kell-Strom portable wash rig. Features three NSDA APPROVED stainless steel tanks, one for cleaning solution, one for rinsing solution, and a third for compressed air. Each tank has a three gallon capacity. System pressure gauge can be used to adjust pressure and flow in accordance to engine specifications. Part No. Description Wt. KS5587 Portable wash rig 54 lbs. 5 1 /2 gallon benchtop cleaner. 19 1 /2" x 11" x 6" I.D. Part No. Model No. Description CPN952-816 B8510MT With mechanical timer CPN952-817 B8510MTH With mechanical timer and heater CPN952-818 B8510DTH With digital timer, heater, degas, and temperature monitor 000-917-050 A82-1 Tank cover 100-410-178 A82-2 Solid tray 100-410-168 A82-3 Perforated tray CPN246-014 A82-4 Beaker cover (6-600 ml beaker) CPN916-043 Support rack 2 3 /4 gallon benchtop cleaner. 19 3 /4" x 5 3 /4" x 6" I.D. Part No. Model No. Description 000-951-030 PC620R-1 Pipette cleaner 000-951-330 PC620R-2 With heat 000-410-105 A62-1 Stainless steel cover CPN916-033 A62-2 Basket Ultrasonic cleaner. Part No. Model No. Description Dimensions 100-951-010 B200 Ultrasonic cleaner 6 1 /2" x 3 1 /2" x 2 1 /4" I.D. CPN951-028B300 B300 Ultrasonic cleaner 12" x 4" x 3" 000-951-005 B3 Ultrasonic cleaner 3 1 /2" dia. x 3" I.D. 000-914-506 DHA1000 Industrial benchtop cleaner 14" x 16" x 10.5" I.D. CPN916-032 Basket (DHA 1000) 100-246-802 Cover (DHA 1000) Beakers & accessories. Part No. Model No. Description 000-140-001 A250 250 ml glass beaker 000-265-061 A400 400 ml polypropylene beaker 000-140-004 A600-1 600 ml glass beaker 000-410-055 A600-2 600 ml stainless steel beaker 000-486-065 Drain tubing - 1 ft. Cleaners (cont'd) Electrosonic cleaner. Electrosonic cleaning is the method of choice when ultrasonic cleaning may damage parts being cleaned. Consists of a solid, stainless steel tank. Vibrator motor gently agitates the cleaning solution. The tank can withstand even the hardest cleaning solutions. The KS5518 replaces the KS5458 electrosonic cleaner. Part No. Description Dimensions KS5518 Electrosonic 12 1 /2"x7" x 11"

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