Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2420 Tools & Test Equipment

MISCELLANEOUS TOOLS MISCELLANEOUS TOOLS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2420 Ziplock bags. Clear plastic bags have a positive closure opening. Ideal for stor- age and shipping of parts and components. Bags with white block have an area for easy identification or notes. Part No. Description Quantity ZIPL0CK13X15 13" x 15" with block 1000/box ZIPL0CK13X15BLN 13" x 15" 1000/box ZIPL0CK2X3 2" x 3" with block 1000/box ZIPL0CK2X3BLANK 2" x 3" 1000/box ZIPL0CK3X5 3" x 5" with block 1000/box ZIPL0CK3X5BLANK 3" x 5" 1000/box ZIPL0CK4X6 4" x 6" with block 1000/box ZIPL0CK4X6BLANK 4" x 6" 1000/box ZIPL0CK6X9 6" x 9" with block 1000/box ZIPL0CK6X9BLANK 6" x 9" 1000/box ZIPL0CK8X10 8" x 10" with block 1000/box ZIPL0CK8X10BLNK 8" x 10" 1000/box ZIPL0CK9X12 9" x 12" with block 500/box ZIPL0CK9X12BLNK 9" x 12" 500/box Razor blade. Straight edged blades for routine scraping. Part No. Description Quantity 3962A3 Single edge blade 100 pack 4927A13 Utility blade w/ dispenser 100 pack Cotton swabs. Long, six inch wooden handle allows cleaning of hard-to-reach items. Part No. Quantity 883506 100/bag Wooden mix stick. Inexpensive, perfect tool for mixing epoxy, sealant and small batches of paint. Part No. Quantity T0NGUEDEPRESS0R 500/box Syringes. Syringes have Luer-Lock openings for applicators, no needles included. Part No. Description Quantity SYRINGE10CC Syringe, no needle 100/box SYRINGE20CC Syringe, no needle 25/box SYRINGE30CC Syringe, no needle 40/box SYRINGE60CC Syringe, catheter tip 40/box Drawstring bags. Drawstring bags are cloth, perfect for storing inspection panel screws, attaching hardware for engine and components before installation. Notes and part numbers can be written on tags if desired. Part No. Description Size Quantity 1925T61 Bag, drawstring 3" x 5" 25 pack 1925T66 Bag, drawstring 8" x 12" 25 pack 1925T71 Bag, drawstring with tag 3" x 5" 25 pack 1925T72 Bag, drawstring with tag 4" x 6" 25 pack 1925T84 Bag, drawstring with tag 6" x 10" 25 pack Anti-static bags. Pink, anti-static bags are designed for storage of electronic equipment that may be sensitive to static charges. Part No. Size Quantity 1501115 11" x 15" 100/box 1501824 18" x 24" 100/box Hook blade. Hook shaped edges make these great for removing De-Ice Boots and other rubber products. Part No. Quantity 4927A17 5 pack Pin extractors. MEETS MIL-C-24308 & MIL-C-81659. Installs/removes size 22D contacts for connector series. Part No. Description M81969-01-01 Green pin extractor M81969-1-04 Blue pin extractor M81969-14-01 Green pin extractor M81969-14-02 Red pin extractor M81969-14-03 Blue pin/soc extractor M81969-14-04 Yellow pin extractor M81969-14-07 Blue pin extractor M81969-14-10 Orange pin extractor M81969-14-11 Red pin extractor M81969-39-01 Green pin extractor

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