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TIES & APPLICATION TOOLS THOMAS & BETTS HARDWARE aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2424 Ty-Rap identification cable ties. Self-locking Ty-Rap identification ties are available in both single and multiple configurations. They may be marked with the special Thomas & Betts black or red marking pen which produces a permanent legend, or they can be heat stamped. Because the ties serve the dual purpose of tying and identifying, you will achieve extra economies. They can be applied with the standard Ty-Rap tying tools used for regular ties. Bulk Pkg. Body Max. Mil. Stand. Part No. Part No. Width Length Wire Part No. TY551M TY51M 0.091" 3.60" 0.625" MS3368-5 TY553M - 0.091" 4.00" 0.625" - TY546M - 0.184" 7.25" 1.75" MS3368-1 TY546MD - 0.184" 7.25" 1.75" MS3368-3 TY546MT - 0.184" 7.25" 1.75" MS3368-4 Ty-Rap installation tools. Standard Weight Part No. Description Body Width Package Each WT193A Pistol-type, easy tension adjustment, cuts tail off flush 0.094" - 0.184" 1 10 oz. WT197 Pistol-type, easy tension adjustment, cuts 0.184" - 0.301" 1 1 lb. WT199 tail off flush, military qualified MS 90387-2 0.094" - 0.184" 1 14 oz. (WT197) and MS 90387-1 (WT199) WT1 Compact hand tool made of high-impact 0.094" - 0.184" 10 1 /4 oz. WT2 plastic, preset tension, cuts off flush, 0.184" - 0.301" 10 1 /4 oz. lightweight and economical WT193A WT197, WT199 WT1, WT2 Plier type tools. These tools are designed in a variety of styles - some with wire cutters and strippers - for installation of the various Sta-Kon terminal series. #22-10 AWG wire range. Part No. Description Weight Each WT110M A, B, C non-insulated terminal and splices and A, B non- insulated terminals with insulation grip 1 lb. WT111M A, B, C, PT non-insulated terminal and splices 1 lb. WT2000 A, B, C: AB, PT, RA, RB, RC insulated and non-insulated terminal and splices - WT110M WT111M WT2000

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