Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2425 Tools & Test Equipment

APPLICATION TOOLS & DISCONNECTS THOMAS & BETTS HARDWARE aviall ability aviall.com 2425 Part No. Package Quantity Wire Range RA18D 50 22-18 RB14D 50 22-18 Note: Not available on Mylar tape Sta-Kon wristlock disconnects. NOT U.L. LISTED. Parts are sold by the piece, not assembled. Sta-Kon ERG 1 tool. The Sta-Kon ERG 1 tool is our self-adjusting wire stripping/cutting tool that is a fast, safe, precise way to strip, with a closed-loop cam mechanism to reduce operator fatigue. Part No. Description ERG1 Sta-Kon ERG 1 Comfort Crimp TM terminal tool. Part No. Description ERG-2001 RA, RB, RC nylon and vinyl terminals, splices and disconnects Ratchet hand tools. Installs RA, RB, RBC, RC nylon terminals. Correct compression every time the Shure-Stake mechanism principle prevents opening of the handles until full staking action is completed. Installs self-insulated and non-insulated Sta-Kon terminal series in the #26-10 AWG wire range. Part No. Description WT145A RA, RAX, RB, RBC, RC, RAA, RBB, RBC, RCC nylon terminal splices and disconnects Toggle type hand tool. Installs Thomas & Betts Sta-Kon terminals series D, E, F and G. Part No. Description Weight WT115A For use with Sta-Kon series D, E, F and G 4 lbs. non-insulated terminals Comfort Crimp terminal tools. Ergonomic ratchet style hand tool used for installing insulated Spec-Kon terminals. Specially designed ergonomic handles distributes the crimping force evenly across the user's hands. Helps reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, the cause of almost one of every two industrial injuries. Ratchet design greatly reduces handle forces over conventional hand tools and incorporates the Shure-Stake mechanism which ensures full compression every time. Color-coded die nests (insulated only) facilitates getting the right terminal in the right nest. Part No. Terminal Style Wire Range ERG2500 All insulated terminals, splices and disconnects (except flags) 22-10 AWG ERG2002 All non-insulated terminals, splices and disconnects 22-10 AWG ERG2500

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