Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2433 Pilot Supplies

FLIGHT GUIDE AIRGUIDE FLIGHT GUIDE aviall ability aviall.com 2433 AIRGUIDE PUBLICATIONS, INC. Class C & D airspace and TRSA. Flight Guide provides a handy full-page graphic for every Class C airspace, TRSA and selected Class D areas. With this graphic you have the needed arrival references in one hand; both airport layout and airspace depiction. The two pages face each other; everything is right there at a glance, making it easy to use in the cockpit during flight. Class C, D airspace and TRSA pages show: Boundaries and altitudes Other nearby airspace entities, including special-use airspace Visual checkpoints Selected geographical features (e.g., cities, roads, lakes, rivers) "Xpct" boxes (what the tower is likely to instruct) Navaids (VORs and beacons) State boundaries Class B airspace. Flight Guide provides an 8" x 10" or larger foldout graphic depiction for planning for each class B airspace. Each foldout contains a handy alphabetical listing, on the flap, of area airports with tower frequency, identifier, and Flight Guide page number. In addition to the same information as Class C, D airspace and TRSA pages, Class B pages also show: IFR arrival and departure routes VFR corridors VFR flyways Transition routes

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