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Checkride Essentials \ PILOT TRAINING Sport Pilot (Includes Airplane FAA-S-8081-29 and Weight-Shift Control, Powered Parachute and Flight Instructor FAA-S-8081-31) ISBN 978-1-56027-725-5 ASA8081SP 0 RT Private Pilot Airplane (Single-Engine Land & Sea) ISBN 978-1-56027-940-2 ASA808114BS eBook ISBN 978-1-61954-013-2 ASA808114BSPD Private Pilot Airplane (Multi-Engine Land & Sea) ISBN 978-1-56027-941-9 ASA808114BM Private Pilot Rotorcraft (Helicopter & Gyroplane) ISBN 978-1-56027-589-3 ASA808115A Instrument Rating (Airplane, Helicopter, and Powered Lift) ISBN 978-1-56027-779-8 ASA80814E eBook ASA80814EPD Commercial Pilot (Single & Multi-Engine Land & Sea) ISBN 978-1-56027-942-6 ASA808112C eBook ISBN 978-1-56027-943-3 ASA808112CPD Flight Instructor Airplane (Single-Engine Land & Sea) ISBN 978-1-56027-964-8 ASA80816DS Flight Instructor Airplane (Multi-Engine Land & Sea) ISBN 978-1-56027-965-5 ASA80816DM Flight Instructor Instrument (Airplane & Helicopter) ISBN 978-1-56027-780-4 ASA80819D Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor - Helicopter (Includes Flight Instructor FAA- S-8081-7B) ISBN 978-1-61954-043-9 ASA808116B Airline Transport Pilot and Type Rating - Airplane (Includes Aircraft Dispatcher FAA-S-8081-10D) ISBN 978-1-61954-117-7 ASA80815F6 Aviation Mechanic (Includes General FAA-S-8081-26, Airframe FAA-S-8081-27, and Powerplant FAA-S-8081-28) ISBN 978-1-56027-751-4 ASA8081AMT3 Available in display boxes of 2443 for dealers. Practical Test Standards Fundamental to a successful checkride, FAA PTS guides detail the skills and knowledge that must be demonstrated. ASA reprints the most current FAA Practical Test Standards in this series of handy cockpit-sized guides. These are fundamental to a successful checkride and include the skills and knowledge required for each certificate or rating. Instructors, students, and examiners use these books to prepare, review, take, or issue the checkride. Visit the ASA website to confirm you have the most current edition and all applicable changes before your checkride. Aircraft Dispatcher Oral Exam Guide by Dr. David C. Ison This guide prepares Aircraft Dispatcher applicants for the Practical Exam with an explanation of the certification process, knowledge requirements in a question-and-answer format, and reference materials for further study. It also provides current dispatchers with a thorough review for their annual proficiency checks, and is beneficial to airmen and aspiring airline pilots seeking a better understanding of dispatch flight operations. First Edition, 2012. Softcover, 8.375"x10.75", 280 pages. ISBN 978-1-56027-900-6 ASA 0 EGADX ISBN 978-1-61954-071-2 ASA 0 EGADX2X Practical Guide to the CFI Checkride by Gregg Brightwell Clarifies in plain language exactly what flight instructor applicants must know and demonstrate during the oral portion of the FAA Practical Exam, eliminating any surprise about examiner expectations. Helps you prioritize volumes of information, consolidating thousands of pages of guidance materials into language you can understand, remember, and quickly reference. Includes CFI Practical Test Standards (Airplane, Single-Engine) as an Appendix. First Edition 2013. Softcover, spiral binding, 8.25"x10.75", 192 pages. ISBN 978-1-56027-972-3 ASAPRACTCFI 2441

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