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Textbooks \ PILOT TRAINING The Complete Pilot Series By Bob Gardner Written in a conversational manner that is approachable and concise, yet comprehensive, these books' practical and user-friendly style leads pilots to a greater understanding of the material. Using the FAA Knowledge Exams as a premise for study, the author makes the required knowledge practical and explains how to transfer it to the cockpit. The best books for absorbing the subjects while mastering the flight and cockpit environments simultaneously! The Complete Private Pilot Eleventh Edition. For anyone interested in pursuing a Private, Sport, or Recreational Pilot certificate; details all that's involved with the adventures of becoming a pilot. Each chapter concludes with review questions. Equally effective for both Part 61 and 141 programs. Softcover, illustrated, index, glossary, 8.25" x 10.75", 384 pages. text for Virtual Test Prep - an Aviation Ground School in DVD format ( see Page 2438 ). ISBN 978-1-56027-781-1 ASAPPT11 The Complete Private Pilot Syllabus Fourth Edition . A companion syllabus to The Complete Private Pilot textbook, providing ground and flight lessons, endorsements, and Stage Exams. 8.25" x 10.75" 128 pages . ISBN 978-1-56027-866-5 ASAPPTS4 The Complete Advanced Pilot Fifth Edition. For students who want to prepare for their Commercial Certificate and Instrument Rating simultaneously. Combines these two phases to produce a seamless, effective method for efficient training with lowered expenses. Review questions follow each chapter. Foreword by Dave Gwinn. Softcover, illustrated, index, glossary, 8.25" x 10.75", 520 pages. ISBN 978-1-61954-085-9 ASACAP5 The Complete Multi-Engine Pilot Third Edition. Applicable to both U.S. and international multi-engine training programs, the book includes a multi-engine rating syllabus for an integrated flight/ground training program, a written exam for use when checking out in a new twin, and reprints of applicable FAA advisory circulars and source material. Foreword by Barry Schiff. Softcover, illustrated, index, glossary, 8.25" x 10.75" , 184 pages . ISBN 978-1-56027-732-3 ASAMPT3 BOB GARDNER An "instructor's instructor" and a long- admired member of the aviation community, Bob began his flying career as a hobby while in Alaska with the U.S. Coast Guard in 1960. By 1966, he had earned his Private land and sea, Commercial, Instrument, Instructor, CFII and MEL endorsements. Over the next 16 years he was an instructor, charter pilot, corporate and freight Captain, and Director of ASA Ground Schools. Currently, Bob holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with single- and multi-engine land ratings, and a Ground Instructor's Certificate with advanced and instrument ratings. In addition, Bob is a Gold Seal Instructor who has been teaching students since 1968. To top off this impressive list of accomplishments, Bob is also a well-known author, journalist, airshow lecturer, and recipient of the Flight Instructor of the Year award for Washington State. ALSO BY BOB GARDNER See Pages 2448 and 2462 for the popular title Say Again, Please: Guide to radio communications , available in both book and software/audio formats. Textbooks 2443

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