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Flight Instructor Aids \ PILOT TRAINING FIRC PowerPoint Images See Page 2434 for Virtual Test Prep PowerPoint Images - including slides from Firc. FAA-Approved Flight Instructor Refresher Course With ASA's time-tested and trusted content, this convenient online, on-demand FAA-approved Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) provides everything CFIs need to renew their flight instructor certificate for another 2 years. The comprehensive, internet-based curriculum consists of lessons with evaluation, resources, and course tracking, supported with professional multi- media presentations from the leaders in aviation training. This is a convenient home-study course that brings the classroom to the home or office and lets instructors renew at their own pace, and in the comfort and privacy of their own place. Complete the ASA FIRC on all your internet connected devices for the ultimate in flexibility. Login from your desktop, laptop, smart phone, iPad or other tablet computer-the course knows where you left off regardless of which device you last used. Review all lesson components even after completion of the course to serve as a refresher, too, with access available for 24 months after your course registration date. The ASA FIRC contents meet Advisory Circular (AC) 61-83 requirements and contain a full review of recent changes in rules and procedures affecting general aviation and flight instruction. Paperwork processing is handled at no additional charge. Qualified graduates can either complete the renewal with their local FSDO or use ASA's ACR approval. Requires computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with web browser capability. High speed internet connection is recommended. Flight Instructor Refresher Course ASAGSFIRC WINGS CREDITS With our ACR approval, ASA handles all the paperwork processing at no additional charge; or you can elect to show your graduation certificate to your local FSDO and complete the paperwork with them. G R AD UATI O N C ER TIFICAT E THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT Has successfully completed the Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. FAA-Approved Flight Instructor Refresher Course On_____________________ Certified by_______________________________________ Chief Instructor This graduation certificate expires 3 months from the date of issuance per 14 CFR 61.197(a)(2)(iii). The authenticity of this graduation certificate can be verified by telephone to the issuing FIRC Sponsor at 425-235-1500 Monday through Friday from 85 PST. No. _________ Aviation Supplies & Academics (ASA) is authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct FIRC programs that may serve as a basis for the renewal of a flight instructor certificate in accordance with 14 CFR part 61, 61.197(a)(2)(iii). ASAs current authorization expires on September 30, 2014. To complete your renewal, submit your signed 8710-1 and other required documentation to ASA or your local FSDO before your flight instructor certificate and this graduation certificate expire. ASA-CT-FIRC-3 Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. 7005 132nd Place SE Newcastle, WA 98059-3153 Flight Instructor REFRESHER COURSE 2451

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