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CUSTOM KITS For Schools and CFIs Want to develop the student training kit thats perfect for you? ASA kits can act as the template for your school or programs specific training needs, with ASAs Personalized Aviation Custom Kits (PACKs) program. Swap out the fiberboard flight computer in the Student Pilot Kit for an aluminum E6-B, or use your own syllabus, and youve made a PACK that meets your needs but still guarantees easy ordering, easy shipping and easy delivery. SPORT PILOT FIXED WING KIT The Sport Pilot flight training kit provides the DVDs you need to start learning how to fly a fixed wing light- sport aircraft (LSA) at a remarkable savings over purchasing the products individually. A $200 value. Includes these 4 DVD titles: Light-Sport Aircraft with Paul Hamilton for Sport Pilots DVD ( see Page 2442 ) ASAF2FFWKIT PILOT TRAINING \ Student Kits Student Kits COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING PACKAGES Built from ASA's best training tools, these student kits ensure that you've met all the regulatory requirements for a successful training program. And because you can substitute listed items for any program's specific needs, they're flexible enough to create the perfect training solution for universities and flight schools. ASA eKits-Jump Start Your Training. Think Inside the Box. ASA eKits combine our trusted, time-tested ground school eBooks supported with the essential pilot supplies youll need to complete training. All the requirements of a successful training programin a single box, at an exceptional value! (Redeem codes are included in the box for easy access and download of the eBooks for use on a PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device.) Private Pilot eKit Perfect kit for introductory students with all the necessary eBooks and supplies. eBOOKS textbook by Bob Gardner and Stage exams book by Michael Hayes Pilot (Single-Engine Land) PILOT SUPPLIES ASAPPTEKIT Flight School eKit Comprehensive ground school training materials, particularly effective for students training at Part 141 or larger flight schools and universities. eBOOKS textbook book FAR/AIM book by Michael Hayes Practical Test Standards for Private Pilot (Single-Engine Land) Student Pilot Guide PILOT SUPPLIES Fiberboard E6-B flight computer Square Chart Plotter Fuel Tester Standard Pilot Logbook ASAPMEKIT aviall.com 1 North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL. International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2452

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