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Textbooks \ MAINTENANCE TRAINING Aviation Maintenance Technician Series Based on the original series by Dale Crane, these textbooks provide the most complete, up-to- date texts for A&P students and educators. The curriculum meets 14 CFR Part 147 requirements and includes all of the aeronautical knowledge required for the FAA Knowledge Exams for AMTs. They are written and designed for at-home, classroom, or university-level training. Each comprehensive textbook includes colored charts, tables, and illustrations throughout, with an extensive glossary, index, and additional career information. This series was created to set the pace for maintenance technician training and attains a level of quality that surpasses all other maintenance textbooks on the market. A study guide within each textbook includes Study Questions with Answer keys for each chapter. These can be used for evaluation by an instructor or for self-testing. The AMT Series textbooks are all-inclusive; no separate, inconvenient workbook is needed by the student or instructor. General Third Edition. Full-color illustration, hardcover, 8.375" x 10", 828 pages. ISBN 978-1-56027-711-8 ASAAMTG3H Airframe-in 2 volumeS! Volume 1: Structures Third Edition. Full-color illustration, hardcover, 8.375" x 10", 536 pages. ISBN 978-1-56027-712-5 ASAAMTSTRUC3H Volume 2: Systems Third Edition. Full-color illustration, hardcover, 8.375" x 10", 480 pages. ISBN 978-1-56027-685-2 #ASA-AMT-SYS-3H Powerplant Third Edition. Full-color illustration, hardcover, 8.375" x 10", 800 pages. ISBN 978-1-56027-862-7 ASAAMTP3 Instructor's Guide for AMT Series A&P instructors and educators can borrow from extensive course outlines, graphics, color transparencies and tests. The organization is based on the core curriculum from Part 147 and covers every topic from the AMT Series. Includes the AMT Textbook Images CD (see above), for all the AMT Series illustrations on disc. Also includes suggested reference materials and test questions, and a free activation code for Prepware AMT Download Edition ( see Page 2435 ). 482pages. ISBN 978-1-56027-935-8 ASAAMTCG4 TEXTBOOK IMAGES Aviation Maintenance Technician Series Textbook Images This comprehensive CD covers all of the charts, tables and illustrations found throughout the ASA AMT textbook series. Each image is categorized and labeled to make them easy to identify and locate. A must for AMT classroom instruction! AMT Graphics ASAAMTGRAFX4 AVIATION MECHANIC HANDBOOK Sixth Edition, by Dale Crane. Core reference guide for mechanics, aircraft owners, and pilots, this book compiles specs from reference books and government publications into a handy, toolbox-size guide. All the information critical to maintaining an aircraft. Your single source for applicable mathematics, conversions, formulas; aircraft nomenclature, controls, and system specs; material/tool identifications; hardware sizes/equivalents; metal fabrication and fabric covering techniques; inspections, corrosion detection/control; the most frequently used measurements, scales, charts, diagramsand much more. Includes sections on composite materials and aircraft batteries. Tabbed to facilitate quick lookups. Stay-flat flexible spiral binding allows for easy on-the-job reference. Index, 4.875"x7.125", 386 pages. ISBN 978-1-56027-898-6 ASAMHB6 See page 2462 for A Pilot's Guide to Aircraft and Their Systems , another title from DaleCrane. For another Maintenance Training textbook see Essentials of Advanced Composite Fabrication & Repair on Page 2446 2455

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