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Flying America's Weather by Thomas A. Horne Pilot, AOPA Pilot editor, and author Tom Horne uses a fascinating region-by-region method to teach weather characteristics and phenomena. With illuminating graphics and text, Horne explains how to get the best out of Americas worst flying weather. Readers can learn what to expect before embarking on a new trip. Softcover, indexed and illustrated, 7.25" x 9", 340 pages. ISBN 978-1-56027-369-1 ASAFAW Flying the Weather Map by Richard Collins Following an in-depth discussion of the logic and theory of aviation weather, Collins takes you along on 46 actual cross-country flights. The anecdotes provide a valuable education in weather interpretation, forecasting and decision making. Softcover, illustrated and indexed, 6" x 9", 234 pages. ISBN 978-1-56027-319-6 ASAWXMAP ATC & Weather: Mastering the Systems by Richard Collins Second Edition. In this exciting new edition, Richard Collins explains how to work air traffic control and weather to maximum advantage on every flight. The emphasis is on judgment and the interface between pilot and environment. Addresses both VFR and IFR situations, from flight planning on through to arrival and landing. Softcover, indexed, 6" x 9", 172 pages . ISBN 978-1-56027-424-7 ASAATCWX Severe Weather Flying by Dennis Newton Third Edition. Describes how to anticipate hazardous weather conditions, avoid them in flight, and get out of them when encountered. Softcover, illustrated and indexed, 7.25" x 9", 204pages. ISBN 978-1-56027-427-8 ASASWF3 Weather to Fly: For Sport Pilots With Paul Hamilton. This straightforward and beautiful DVD presentation simplifies complex weather concepts and illustrates consequences of pilot judgment through a 5-step system. Learn to forecast local conditions, interpret weather information accurately, and make better decisions about whether to fly. Total running time 01:20:12. ISBN 1-56027-575-8 ASAF2FW2F Subject Experts AVIATOR'S LIBRARY Takeoffs & Landings by Leighton Collins In this timeless text, Leighton Collins provides expert, flight- tested techniques pilots need in these critical phases of flight, in every contingency of arrival and departure, VFR and IFR, single and twin, tricycle gear and taildragger. Softcover, with new photography by Tom Lippert, 6"x9", 300 pages. ISBN 1-56027-555-3 ASAT0LDG Tips to Fly By by Richard Collins Veteran pilot Dick Collins draws on his extensive experience at the controls of a variety of light aircraft. This book imparts the kind of flying savvy that takes thousands of flight hours to obtain. Softcover, indexed, 6"x9", 224 pages. ISBN 1-56027-338-0 ASATIPS Confident Flying - A pilot Upgrade by Richard Collins and Patrick Bradley The co-authors reflective in- sights provide the basis for a program of risk management, sound decision making, and judgment. Softcover, indexed, 6" x 9", 268 pages. ISBN 1-56027-405-0 ASAC 0 NFLY Fair-Weather Flying by Richard Taylor A series of short courses in a wide variety of aviation subjects of interest to all pilots who want to improve their flying skills and enjoyment. Taylor covers these topics with his own brand of insight. Hardcover, glossary and index included, 5.5" x 8.25", 333 pages. ISBN 978-1-56566-034-2 ASAHTAYFAIRWX Understanding Flying by Richard Taylor Taylor doesnt talk down to non-career pilots he talks straight at them, putting readers in touch with professional skills and attitudes. Hardcover, indexed, 6"x9", 329 pages. ISBN 978-1-56566-002-1 ASAHTAYUNDST WEATHER Instrument Flying Refresher by Richard Collins and Patrick Bradley In this book, veteran IFR pilot Richard Collins takes the right seat beside Patrick Bradley, a relatively new IFR pilot, to demonstrate effective ways to grasp and solve IFR problems. One of the best books ever for learning the finer points of the IFR system. Soft cover, indexed, 6" x 9", 236 pages. ISBN 1-56027-335-6 ASAIFRREF Flying IFR by Richard Collins Fourth Edition. This book provides invaluable discussion on instrument airmanship, weather analysis, flight planning, decision making, and much more. Softcover, indexed, 6" x 9", 230 pages. ISBN 1-56027-385-2 ASAFLYIFR IFR for VFR Pilots by Richard Taylor Second Edition. In this landmark book, Taylor provides VFR pilots with an emergency reserve of instrument flying techniques and procedures they need in order to cope with and survive an inadvertent encounter with IFR conditions. Softcover, illustrated and indexed, 6" x 9", 138pages. ISBN 978-1-56027-280-9 ASAIFRVFR IFR FLIGHT 2463

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