Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2469 Pilot Supplies

B E D G F C Kneeboards Kneeboards keep your flight planning tools organized and at your fingertips during flight. A. Portfolio-Style ipad Kneeboard A multitasking kneeboard, binder and versatile cover that is functional, durable, and stylish. The elastic strap secures the binder-like case to your leg for in-flight use and is easily removable for everyday A use. The inside sleeve holds your iPad securely on the right side with full access to iPad controls and buttons. The left side has pockets to store your documents and provides a writing surface. The cover folds into a flap to serve as a vertical or horizontal desktop stand, provide easy landscape viewing and full keyboard access. Beautiful black leatherette with embossed wings. Fits iPad 2, and iPad 3. 7 15 /16" wide x 9 11 /16" high, 15 15 /16" open width. ASAKBIPAD1 B. Portfolio-Style ipad Mini Kneeboard Same great style and features as Portfolio-Style iPad Kneeboard. Fits iPad Mini. 5 13 /16" wide x 8 1 /4" high, 12 1 /4" open width. ASAKBIPM1 C. ipad Kneeboard A versatile case and kneeboard that protects your iPad in flight and on the ground. Unique plastic cover keeps the iPad screen safe while maintaining full viewing and complete touch-screen functionality, and opens easily to insert or remove your device. The easel folds to position the iPad at a convenient "wedged" viewing angle; alternatively, it can lay flat. The pocket on the back offers room for papers and maps. Openings are provided for charger and headphone/earbuds. Made of durable fabric with embossed wings. Fits iPad, iPad 2, and iPad 3. 9" wide x 11" high. ASAKBIPAD2 D. V FR and IFR Kneeboard Attractive, brushed aluminum with instrument or visual information clearly silk-screened on boards. Kneeboard is 6.5" wide x 9.5" high. ASAKB1 ASAKB2 E. Tri-Fold Kneeboard This design uses either the VFR or IFR Kneeboard in a three-panel jacket. The left panel has ample room for small books, papers and oddly- shaped items. The center panel holds the kneeboard under clear plastic with a pen/pencil holder and buttonholes on either side - allowing a pilot to fold back one or both panels with the leg band. The right-hand panel contains a clear pocket for easy map viewing, and the elastic leg band's Velcro closures fit any leg size comfortably. Black nylon with embroidered silver wings logo. Kneeboard is 6.5" wide x 9.5" high. ASAKB3 ASAKB3I F. Long Tri-Fold Kneeboard An elongated version of the original KB-3 that accommodates all aeronautical charts without additional folding. Kneeboard is 6.5" wide x 10.25" high. ASAKB3L G. Folding Lapboard This 9" x 16" hinged flying desk has 2 large clips to hold in-flight necessities such as charts, flight logs, and approach plates. ASAKBLAP Kneeboards \ PILOT SUPPLIES NEW! 2469

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