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Student Aids A. Hoodwink is unlike any other view-limiting device you have ever used. Easily and automatically springs open when removed from its compact pouch (4" x 4" x .25"). ASAH 00 DWINK B. An aviation classic! ASA's IFR training hood is comfortable, light, and does the job at a reasonable price. Light gray with black adjustable straps. ASAH2G C. Instrument Covers for Partial Panel Practice D. Sold in 4 pads of 25 (for a total of 100 sticky notes). These round pads are white with a light blue ASA logo, and fit any aviation instrument. Perfect for partial panel practice, or jotting down quick notes. ASASTICKY E. Overcasters are the lightweight, simple and effective view-limiting device for simulating instrument conditions in the cockpit environment. The clip-on visor attaches to any prescription eyeglass or sunglass frame in seconds, flips up instantly for instrument-to- visual transition, and when flipped down creates a near-perfect simulated instrument" condition. ASA 0 VC F. Holding Pattern Visuali zer This computer shows a pilot what entry is appropriate given the assigned holding radial, making it a superb learning tool. Approved for use during FAA Knowledge Exams! Made in the USA. ASAHPC2 G. Landing Pattern Computer Easily helps determine appropriate headings for each leg of the traffic pattern when landing or departing the airport a great teaching aid! ! ASALPC J. Aircraft Fuel Tester Fits all quick-drain valves and has an adapter for recessed drains. The transparent cylinder is 6" (15 cm) long with octane color-coding molded in the side. Also included is a screwdriver blade with both Phillips and slotted heads. Black probe and nut. ASAAFT1 K. Short Fuel Tester Unique snap-on probe fits all quick-drain valves, stores compactly, and reduces spillage, loss, and probe breakage. The 4" (10 cm) transparent cylinder has the octane color-coding molded in the side for quick reference. Also includes a chrome-plated screwdriver blade with both a Phillips and a slotted head. ASAAFTSH 0 RT Fuel testers available in packs of ten for retailers. l . Wheel Chocks These tire stops keep the aircraft securely parked. Each pair of black molded plastic wheel stops is connected with 22" bright yellow and black braided nylon rope that won't rot or retain water. One pair required for each wheel. Very lightweight; measures 7.75" x 2.5" x 4.5". ASACH 0 CKS Flightline Accessories G. Remove Before Flight Banner A bright red heavy nylon banner that can be fastened to anything that needs removing before flight. Comes with a grommet and wire ring that can be attached to everything from gear pins to gust locks and pitot covers. 2" x 17". ASARBF H. Pitot Tube Covers These covers fit snugly over standard aircraft pitot tubes, and are vented to avoid pressurizing the pitot-static system. Pitot Tube Cover 5/8" (small) ASAPTC58 Fits: Cessna 300 series, 400 series, Citation, and Conquest, Beech singles and twins, Piper Navaho and Cheyenne, Mooneys, Mitsubishi, Lear jets, and Cirrus Pito Tube Cover 3/4" (large) ASAPTC34 Fits: Cessna 150, 152, 172, 177, 182, 200 Series, Skymaster, and the Falcon jet Pitot Tube Cover (blade style) ASAPTCB Fits: Piper Cherokee, Warrior, and Arrow I . Aircraft Fuel Testing Cup Clear cup with a reinforced steel pin that works with most aircraft. Lifetime replacement warranty. ASAAFTC G l I K J D F E A C H B PILOT SUPPLIES \ Student Aids, Flightline Accessories aviall.com 1 North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL. International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2474

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