Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2485 Pilot Supplies

CABIN SUPPLIES CELESTE CABIN SUPPLIES aviall ability aviall.com 2485 Aerospace lens wipes. Aerospace lens wipes are single-use towelettes specifically designed for airline applications that require streak free-cleaning of glass and clear plastics. They are a perfect compliment to Celeste Sani-Com for cockpit use. These two Celeste products will allow your pilots to clean all vital cockpit equipment. Part No. Description Size TRLCA Aerospace lens wipes 100 packets per bag, 12 bags per case Sani-Shine oven cleaner. Sani-Shine oven cleaner ia a heavy duty cleaner with a fresh pine fragrance. Specially formulated for tough grease and grime, it is also thickened to cling to vertical surfaces and maximize contact time. It is ideal for cleaning and shining stainless steel and is a non-caustic oven cleaner. Sani-Shine oven cleaner is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Part No. Description Size SP8300QT Sani-Shine oven cleaner 1 quart bottle, 12 bottles per case Celeste interior cleaner. Celeste interior cleaner is a multi-surface, fast acting cleaner. It is recommended for use in airplane cabins, bathrooms, lavatories, kitchens, galleys, locker rooms and general indoor facilities where cleanliness is important. Celeste interior cleaner can be used effectively on all hard surfaces like tray tables, dimpled walls, aluminum surfaces, glass/mirrors, tile, counter tops, interior and exterior of toilets, and finished furniture. It is unique in that it leaves a protective molecular layer for fast and easy cleaning on your next application to that same surface. Part No. Description Size SP84000QT Celeste interior cleaner 1 quart bottle, 12 bottles per case Celeste exterior cleaner. Celeste exterior cleaner is a uniquely blended surfactant package that attacks a broad range of soils. It contains corrosion inhibitors, is environmentally friendly, and is safe for workers. The concentrated formula can be diluted to the most effective level based on the types of soils to be cleaned. Use of Celeste exterior cleaner leaves aircraft looking clean and presentable. Part No. Description Size SP86000C-GAL Exterior cleaner 1 gallon bottle, 4 bottles per case SP86000C-5 Exterior cleaner 5 gallon pail SP86000C-55 Exterior cleaner 55 gallon drum Glyco-San potable water tank cleaner. Glyco-San penetrates and removes "biofoul" that can build up inside potable water tanks. "Biofoul is a combination of mineral deposits and microbial organisms. Using Glyco-San improves the safety of drinking water and helps keep tanks clean. The Glyco-San formula combines glycolic acid and surfactants, and it is easy to use and dispose of. When using large volumes, Glyco-San can be recycled and reused. Part No. Description Size SWGS-5 Glyco-San potable water tank cleaner 5 gallon pail SWGS-55 Glyco-San potable water tank cleaner 55 gallon drum

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