Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2489 Pilot Supplies

FUEL TESTERS DAANSEN FUEL TESTERS aviall ability aviall.com 2489 Daansen 391D fuel tester. The only fuel cup with the added structure below the base to support the fuel release pin. This pin will not split out. Individually packaged in the printed blue box. Part No. Description 391D Fuel tester - cup type Daansen 391S fuel tester/screw driver. The number one pilot's tool to check fuel sumps for water and dirt; check octane rating; test for alcohol in fuel; operate screw fasteners on cowls, inspection covers and fairings. Reversible tip screwdriver. Stores conveniently in flight case or airplane map pockets. Features: Compact size - convenient to carry, store and use Easy-grip probe - remove without tools Clear, uncluttered body - no lettering in viewing area Test scale - measures percentage of alcohol in fuel Part No. Description 391S Fuel tester

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