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Private Pilot Textbook Jeppesen's Private Pilot textbook is an integral component of the Private Pilot Training System. Its organization and colorful presentation help students learn quickly from the start. Discovery insets expand on important ideas and concepts found in the text. FAA question insets highlight concepts directly relating to FAA test questions. Each chapter begins with highlighted learning objectives; cross-reference icons direct students to related subject areas; key terms are highlighted for quick review; and each chapter closes with a summary checklist and questions to reinforce the learning process. ISBN# 0-88487-429-X. Private Pilot Textbook 10001360 -003 ! Private Pilot Textbook and FAR/AIM Manual 10033655 -005 Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual Presents over 100 maneuvers using colorful graphics, step-by-step procedure descriptions, helpful hints, PTS references and study exercises to help you visualize and understand each maneuver you will perform in the airplane. ISBN# 0-88487-435-4. 10001361 -001 A. Private Pilot Practical Test Standards FAA Private Pilot Airplane Single-Engine Land and Sea Practical Test Standards. ISBN# 0-88487-400-1. 10001349 -007 B. Private Pilot Stage Exam Booklet This set of three exams provides a valuable tool for testing yourself on the subjects covered in the Private Pilot textbook. 10001792 C. Private Pilot Syllabus Features a step-by-step description of course contents. Includes lesson objectives, flight and ground time allocations for all lessons, and coordination of other academic support materials with your flight training. ISBN# 0-88487-240-8. 10001292 -003 D. Private Pilot Record Folder Instructors can easily record all ground lessons, written exams, flight maneuvers and flight checks during pilot training. Private Pilot Record Folder (individual) 10001796 -003 ! Private Pilot Record Folder (set of 10) 10011866 A B C D Flight Maneuvers Illustrator Excellent visual aids for instructors and students. Designed for student pilots and instructors as a quick reference. Features private and commercial maneuvers . 10001356 2495

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