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E F G H I E. Private Pilot FAA Airman Knowledge Test Guide The test guide contains all of the FAA recreational and private pilot airplane knowledge test questions, along with the answers, detailed explanations and study references. Subject areas are organized by topic and coordinated with the Private Pilot textbook. ISBN# 0-88487-417-6. 10001387 -022 F. Private Pilot FAA Practical Test Study Guide This study guide carefully parallels the FAA Areas of Operations and Tasks in the Private Pilot Practical Test Standards. Provides key questions, answers, explanations and references. Designed to coordinate with the knowledge and task portions of the PTS. Includes a copy of the FAA Private Pilot Single-Engine Land/Sea PTS. ISBN# 0-88487-429-X. 10001390 -001 G. Private Pilot Presolo Written Exam The exam covers knowledge areas required prior to solo flight, including applicable regulations and local airport and airspace procedures, as well as the flight characteristics and operational limitations of your aircraft. 10001332 -001 H. Private Pilot Student Record Binder and Syllabus (For Private Pilot Online Course) The syllabus and record folder contained in this product are intended to match our Private Pilot Online course, which is designed to meet the certification criteria for both CFR Part 141 and FAA Industry Training Standards (FITS). 10011930 I. Private Pilot Student Record Binder Tabs and Pages Package This product contains the inserts for the Private Pilot record folder. Includes one set of durable tabs for recording student training information, and one set of pages containing the Jeppesen Private Pilot Syllabus with all ground, flight and exam records, and pages to record flight lesson grades and hours. 10011931 J. Private Pilot Video Series on DVD The Private Pilot Video Series on DVD contains 10 hours of dynamic content. From the main menu you'll have easy access to everything from airplane systems and performance to the maneuvers required to become a private pilot. This is a great supplement to the Private Pilot textbook! 10001936 J aviall.com 1 North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL. International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2496

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