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D. FAR/AIM Manual 2015 An excellent study or reference resource. 10001889-007 E. Practical Test Standards FAA Practical Test Standards , Flight Instructor Single and Multi-Engine Land and Sea, Instrument Airplane and Helicopter. 10001362 Flight Instructor Textbook Jeppesen's Flight Instructor textbook contains over 1,000 photos and illustrations presented in an attractive style. The textbook presents complete explanations of training techniques that every pilot needs to know, with real-world scenarios and examples for both seasoned CFIs and CFI candidates. Interesting Discovery Insets expand on ideas presented in the text. ISBN# 0-88487-275-0. 10001855-004 A B C Flight Instructor Syllabus Contains learning objectives and flight and ground time allocations for the Basic Flight Instructor Course, Instrument Instructor Course and Multi-Engine Instructor Course. 10001865-006 Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual Presents over 100 maneuvers using colorful graphics, step-by-step procedure descriptions, helpful hints, PTS references and study exercises to help you visualize and understand each maneuver you will perform in the airplane. ISBN# 0-88487-435-4. 10001361-004 Flight Instructor Record Folder Provides an effective way to record all ground lessons, written exams, flight maneuvers and flight checks during your flight instructor training. 10001866-001 Instructor's Guide Video Series on CD This CD contains the Private, Instrument/ Commercial, Multi-Engine and Flight Instructor Guides as well as bonus materials like lesson plan templates and instructor endorsements. The Instructor's Guide describes the Jeppesen philosophy of instruction, covers the process of obtaining FAR Part 141 school approval, and provides pilot briefings for use at strategic points in student training. Answers and critiques are included for the stage exams, and the answer key for the end-of-course exams includes cross- references to source materials that students will find useful for additional study. 10002007-002 Flight Instructor Video Series on DVD The Flight Instructor Video Series on DVD is a great supplement to the Flight Instructor textbook and contains nine hours of instruction critical to the CFI applicant. This series covers many important topics, including fundamentals of instruction, instructing the private pilot student, instructing the instrument student and instructing the commercial student . 10001938 D E 2501

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