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Multi-Engine Instructional Video on DVD The Multi-Engine Instructional Video provides an in-depth look at multi-engine operations, aerodynamics, engine-out operations and more. As with all Jeppesen training DVDs, the Multi-Engine video closely follows Jeppesen's Multi-Engine Syllabus. 10001939 Guided Flight Discovery Multi-Engine Syllabus Outlines a course designed to allow either a private or commercial pilot to add an airplane multi-engine land class rating to an existing certificate. 10001885-002 Multi-Engine Stage Exam Booklet This set of four exams provides a valuable tool for testing your comprehension of subjects covered in the Multi-Engine textbook. 10001887 Commercial Multi-Engine Practical Test Standards FAA Commercial Pilot Airplane Multi-Engine Land and Sea Practical Test Standards. 10001333-033 Multi-Engine Pilot Record Folder Gives your instructor an effective method for documenting all of the training required for you to achieve a multi-engine rating. 10001886 Multi-Engine Textbook Jeppesen's Multi-Engine textbook uses full-color photos and illustrations to provide complete and concise explanations of the advanced concepts and ideas that every pilot seeking a multi-engine rating needs to know. Incorporating the most recent information on multi-engine performance, safety and aerodynamics, the Multi-Engine textbook presents each subject in an innovative, logical and contemporary format. ISBN# 0-88487-335-8. 10001888-002 A B C E D Multi-Engine Kits Jeppesen Multi-Engine Kits, developed for both FAR Part 61 and FAR Part 141 training programs, are the most complete multi-engine training packages available. ORDER MULTI-ENGINE BASIC KIT NUMBER KIT COMPONENTS 10033664 DELUXE KIT WITH DVD 10033663 10001888-002 Multi-Engine Textbook 10001885-002 Multi-Engine Syllabus 10001887 Multi-Engine Stage/ EOC Exam Booklet 10001886 Multi-Engine Record Folder 10001939 Multi-Engine Video on DVD 10001340-003 Commercial MEL PTS Indicates the item is included in the kit. aviall.com 1 North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL. International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2502

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