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Avionics Fundamentals Using a systems approach to modern avionics, Avionics Fundamentals covers information useful for A&Ps, avionics technicians, flight engineers and ATP applicants. Developed and used as a training guide by United Airlines. Packed with photos and illustrations. ISBN# 0-88487-432-X. 400 pages. 10001381-003 Aircraft Instruments & Avionics for A&P Technicians Covers basic instruments, powerplant instruments, communications and navigation systems, aircraft antennae and autopilots. Includes glossary, abbre- viations and index. Written by Max Henderson. ISBN# 0-89100-422-X. 212 pages. 10001363 Transport Category Aircraft Systems The only text available that covers FAR Part 121 aircraft. A system-by-system approach to understanding jet transports. Necessary for A&P students and certified technicians looking for a comprehensive reference for large aircraft. ISBN# 0-89100-232-7. 432 pages. 10001367-003 Advanced Composites The only text on advanced composites geared solely for aircraft construction and repair. It includes materials, procedures and "how-to" information not available elsewhere. ISBN# 0-88487-316-1. 200 pages. 10001373-001 Aircraft Systems for Pilots The most comprehensive book available on aircraft systems as they relate to pilots and pilot training. Covers all system types in detail. Excellent for commercial and advanced private pilot programs, as well as the individual who wants to be well versed in how his airplane really works. By Dale DeRemer. 10001352-001 Standard Aviation Maintenance Handbook Jeppesen's Standard Aviation Maintenance Handbook is a key resource for A&P technicians, homebuilders, pilots and aircraft owners. Developed as a quick reference guide for the most common technical aviation information, it includes a compilation of hundreds of references such as ATA codes, tubing and wiring color codes, conversion tables, physics formulas, aircraft marshalling signals, tool identification and use guidelines, riveting guidelines, hardware tables, sheet-metal bend allowance and setback tables, aircraft drawing symbols, wire assembly graphs and color code, fluid lines and fittings charts and color codes, torque tables, weight and balance formulas, and hardware identification. ISBN# 0-88487-324-2. 275 pages. 10001386-002 Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance Records A practical guide to airworthiness for maintenance technicians, aircraft owners, operators and pilots. This completely rewritten and revised fourth edition is much more than a simple introduction; it is a reference, technical manual and textbook rolled into one. Packed with photos, checklists and concrete maintenance entries, Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance Records is an essential reference for industry professionals, students and flying enthusiasts. Four new chapters incorporate many updated topics such as airworthiness determination, inspection and maintenance documentation, record entries, and PIC airworthiness checks and responsibilities. ISBN# 0-88487-319-6 10001932-001 aviall.com 1 North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL. International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2510

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