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Helicopter Maintenance Explains the eight major helicopter types and how their systems operate. Written in concise, simple language and packed with photographs and illustrations. Combined with its companion study guide, this text provides rotary-winged" excellence for the transitional A&P or the maintenance student. ISBN# 0-89100-281-2. 352 pages. 10001372-001 Flight Theory for Pilots For pilots who need to expand their knowledge of flight theory. Explains the basics of aerodynamics as they apply to flying an airplane or helicopter. Written for pilots, by a pilot, Charles E. Dole. 10001350 -001 Aviation Dictionary The best way to learn the unique language of aviation. Completely revised to include over 10,000 technical aviation definitions. Excellent reference for both pilots and aviation maintenance technicians. New format. 8" x 11" ISBN# 0-88487-383-8. 388 pages. 10001930-002 Aviation Safety Programs: A Management Handbook A comprehensive aviation safety management resource that provides a full explanation of the aviation safety process. Includes customer contractor relationships, safety management systems, system safety engineering, aircraft ground operations and human factors. Contains aviation safety checklists along with a sample aviation safety program. A valuable reference for teaching aviation safety, including how to start and maintain an effective safety program. Great resource for flying clubs, FBOs, corporate operators and air carriers. ISBN# 0-88487-329-3. 320 pages. 10001365-004 ! 2511

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