Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2515 Pilot Supplies

Computers Enlist the CR Circular Computer to assist you in everything from solving wind triangles to polar grid navigation and pressure pattern flying. And with Jeppesen's heavy-duty Metal CSG Computer, solving all of your low- and high-speed problems is a cinch. A. Student CSG (E6-B) Full function, full size. Perfect for the budget-conscious student. Constructed of rugged plasticized composite material, it conforms to the instructions and examples in Jeppesen manuals, workbooks and audiovisual programs. 10001316 Jeppesen CR Computers Our CR Circular Computers offer solid construction and proven performance. Whether you're solving wind triangles, polar grid navigation or pressure pattern flying, CR Computers prove their value and versatility every day. Useful in high- and low- speed problems, they automatically compensate for temperature rise and compressibility factors. Instruction manual and vinyl carrying case are included with each. B. CR-3 Circular Computer 6" Diameter 10001294 C. CR-2 Circular Computer 4" Diameter 10001293 D. Metal CSG (E6-B) Heavy-duty metal construction assures long life, high accuracy and enduring quality. Solves low- and high- speed problems. Non-glare finish. Complete with instruction manual and carrying case. 10001317-001 Fuel Tester The last fuel tester you will ever need! Strong, clear butyrate plastic resists cracking, breaking and yellowing. Works with both pin and petcock actuators. Removable splash guard prevents fuel spillage and attaches to side for flat, slimline storage. Solid bronze rod actuator prevents breaking and pushing down. Includes hard-tempered, reversible Phillips and slotted bit. Raised and magnified viewing area allows close inspection of fuel contaminants. (Size: 8" x 3" x 1") 10001297 JeppShades These IFR flip-up training glasses replace those bulky, hard-to-use instrument training hoods. With improved design, JeppShades allow for better student/ instructor interaction. The cockpit-proven design works conveniently under headsets, and the Velcro adjusting strap reduces pressure on ears and temples. The JeppShades flip-up lens allows convenient IFR/VFR flight transition, and the high-quality polycarbonate lens is impact-resistant. 10011864 D A B C 2515

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