Aviall Product Catalog And Source Book Page 2520 Pilot Supplies

Binders Functional and durable, our binders are meant to protect and last. Both Jeppesen's Premium Leather Binder, made of 100% top-grain cowhide, and our Standard Leather Binder, made of 100% bonded leather, are finely crafted with steel hinges and safety locks to secure the rings. The 2" versions of the Premium and Standard Leather Binders include "stay- open" bars for your convenience. The Superior Plastic Binder offers an economical alternative for the protection of your Jeppesen charts. All binders available in brown only. Premium Leather Binder LB-2 Top-grain Cowhide, 2-inch Rings, Stay-Open Bar. 10001084 Standard Leather Binder BB-2 Bonded Leather, 2-inch Rings, Stay-Open Bar. 10001180 BB-1 Bonded Leather, 1-inch Rings, No Stay-Open Bar. 10001181 Superior Plastic Binders PB-2 Superior Plastic, 2-inch Rings, No Stay-Open Bar. 10001085 -001 PB-1 Superior Plastic, 1-inch Rings, No Stay-Open Bar. 10001087 Airway Manual Accessory Pack Chartabs (Set of 3) Approach Chart Protectors (Set of 10) NavLog/Flight Plan Forms (Set of 50) Multitabs (Set of 13) Pilot Notes (Set of 25 Lined) 10011316 Chartabs Quick reference tabs labeled "Depart ure," Destination" and "Alternate." Plastic, color coded. Set of 3. 10001453 Multitabs Make your binder work like you do. Write your own labels to separate the contents. Erasable, reusable. Lines for notes. Set of 13. 10001458 Index and State Tabs Simplify the location of desired charts and text sections in your Airway Manual or Trip Kit. Organize your charts with U.S. State Tabs. 10011296 Set of Alphabetical Tabs Organize your procedures alphabetically with U.S. State Tabs. 10011297 Set of Sectional Tabs Easily identify your charts with these tabs. 10011298 Classic Jeppesen iPad Cover 10369426 Classic Jeppesen iPad Mini cover 10382268 NEW CLASSIC iPad COVERS aviall.com 1 North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL. International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2520

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