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AVIATION BOOKS MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS aviall.com North America and AOG 1.800.AVIALL.1 International Sales 1.800.AVIALL.3 or +1 972.586.1985 2526 Part No. Title Author 0-8138-1153-8 The Student Pilot's Flight Manual, 9th edition Kershner 0-8138-0833-2 The Instrument Flight Manual, 6th edition Kershner 0-8138-0633X The Flight Instructor's Manual, 4th edition Kershner 0-8138-0063-3 The Basic Aerobatic Manual Kershner 0-8138-1087-6 Logging Flight Time Kershner 0-8138-0788-3 Air Carrier Operations Holt & Poyner 0-8138-2815-5 The Pilot's Burden: Flight Safety and the Roots of Pilot Error Buck 0-8138-0854-5 Fly the Wing, 3rd edition Webb & Walker 0-8138-1347-6 The Psychology of Flight Training Telfer & Biggs 0-8138-2960-7 The Air Traffic System, 2nd edition Brenlove 0-8138-2622-5 Aircraft Mishap Photography: Documenting the Evidence Panas 0-632-05295-3 Climatology for Airline Pilots Quantick 0-632-03495-5 Automatic Flight Control, 4th edition Pallett & Coyle 0-8138-0508-2 ATP-FAR 135: Airline Transport Pilot, 3rd edition Boyd 0-8138-0176-1 Buying and Owning Your Own Plane, 3rd edition Ellis 0-8138-1308-5 Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft Askue 0-8138-0949-5 Making Perfect Takeoffs in Light Airplanes Fowler 0-8138-0438-8 Making Perfect Landings in Light Airplanes Fowler 0-632-05573-1 Ground Studies for Pilots: Radio Aids, 6th edition Underdwon & Cockburn 0-632-05333X Ground Studies for Pilots: Navigation, 6th edition Underdwon 0-632-05484-0 Ground Studies for Pilots: Meteorology, 3rd edition Underdwon & Standen 0-632-05939-7 Ground Studies for Pilots: Flight Planning, 6th edition Swatton 0-632-05951-6 Ground Studies for Pilots: Flight Instruments and Automatic Flight Control Systems, 6th edition Harris 0-8138-0253-9 Peak Performance for Aerobatics DeLacerda 0-8138-1859-1 Facts About Spins, 2nd edition DeLacerda 0-632-03124-7 Understanding Radar Cole 0-632-05569-3 Aircraft Performance Theory for Pilots Swatton 0-632-05001-2 Understanding Aircraft Structures, 3rd edition Cutler 0-632-05335-6 Aviation Law for Pilots, 10th edition Underdown & Palmer 0-8138-1817-6 Practical Aviation Law, 3rd edition Hamilton 0-8138-1807-9 Practical Aviation Law Teacher's Manual, 3rd edition Brown 0-8138-1808-7 Practical Aviation Law Workbook, 3rd edition Hamilton 0-632-05965-6 Human Performance and Limitations in Aviation, 3rd edition Campbell & Bagshaw Cockpit Automation. Learn to use GPS computers, autopilots, and colorful displays that are rapidly taking the place of conventional flight instruments and navigation systems found in older-generation airplanes. 2002, 188 pp., 7 x 10 illustrated, paperback. Part No. Title Author 0-8138-2300-5 Cockpit Automation Casner The Pilot's Guide to the Modern Airline Cockpit. The entire use of cockpit automation is covered as it happens in an actual flight, from preflight, taxi-out, take-off, cruise, descent and landing. 2001, 168 pp., 81/2 x 11, illustrated, paperback. Part No. Title Author 0-8138-1011-6 The Pilot's Guide to the Modern Airline Cockpit Casner The Advanced Pilot's Flight Manual, 7th Edition. This manual bridges the gap between performance theory and practical application, combining the two to explain the fundamentals of airplane performance based on the four forces of lift, weight, drag, and thrust, as well as the effects of variable factors. 2003, 344 pp., 81/2 x 11, illustrated, paperback. Part No. Title Author 0-8138-0260-1 The Advanced Pilot's Flight Manual, 7th edition Kershner More Titles Available from Aviall Note: More books available on pages 2537 and 2551.

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