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Nickel silicon carbide is a chemical compound coating of nickel and silicon carbide, a strong ceramic. It is much harder than steel, with performance attributes that first made their appearance in the engine cylinders of sports and race-cars. Continental now offers nickel silicon carbide (NiC3) as an optional coating across its entire range of cylinder products. The increase in performance, wear-resistance and cylinder lifetime are among the many reasons more owners and operators are choosing NiC3. Piston engines used infrequently are more prone to internal corrosion, since the oil layer left following operation slowly fades away over time through lack of use. A cylinder coated with NiC3 actually absorbs and retains a layer of oil, keeping the cylinder surface coated much longer than a standard uncoated surface. This greatly increases the protection against corrosion in engines that are not used regularly. NIC3 CYLINDERS BETTER PERFORMANCE BETTER PROTECTION AGAINST CORROSION NIC3 CYLINDER COATING EXTENDED LIFE REDUCED WEAR NIC3 CYLINDER BARRELS CARRY A 5-YEAR WARRANTY AGAINST RUST, CORROSION AND PREMATURE WEAR.

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